5 Reasons Why People Hate Redesigning Their Website

5 Reasons Why People Hate Redesigning Their Website

It’s a horrible job. It’s painful, and it’s kinda like puling teeth – but it needs to be done. Here’s 5 undeniable reasons why people hate redesigning their website.

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Hi there folks my name is Paul Barrs from PaulBarrs.com. Thank you for joining with me today we’re looking at the undeniable reasons why people hate, hate, hate, hate redesigning their websites. I bet you can relate to one or two, maybe even more of these.

Number One is the DIY. It just takes so long. Have you ever noticed that? How long it can take to redesign your website? Now a lot of the people who attend my workshops and seminars, they are all learning and wanting to learn how do these things themselves but they keep putting it off and putting it back because of how long it takes. Well the reason it takes so long is because they’re just not skilled enough. They haven’t yet learned how to make it faster, how to do it properly, how to shortcut the processes. Although there are many great courses around online even free ones here or on YouTube that you can use to upskill yourself. So if you are looking at a DIY I strongly suggest that you spend a few months learning first before you then go and do it yourself.

Well of course there’s Number Two reason why a lot of people hate upgrading their website and why they keep putting it off, putting it off is because well they don’t have time to do it themselves. They need to get someone else and then what? Costs so much money sometimes. Now here’s the thing, I did have someone say to me just recently, “That’s really expensive!” My answer was simple, “Compared to what?

They didn’t even have a website can you believe that? In this day and age, small business didn’t have a website. “Oh that’s expensive.” Hmm, that’s a hobby. Now, I know that sounds a little bit harsh but it’s also possibly true. A serious business will have a well-presented website. Now you don’t have to pay the earth for him and I’m telling you now I have certainly seen some who’s like, “Sorry you payed what?” Then you go ripped off. There is a balance in between you that’s why you need to get quotes from not just the big agencies, not just the solo operators but maybe those in the middle as well. I myself and my team, five of us we have a small turnover but we get good quality work done. Maybe you need to find someone who are in your local area who can help you out as well.

Now here’s another problem. Often when you do an upgrade the branding, the colors might change. They don’t have to but people think if I change my branding online do I also have to change it offline? Well, not really. You can stay with similar colors but have different branding. I mean, let me ask you this, how big is your website? Sorry, your business? How big is your business? If someone saw your brand on the side of a truck, just your logo, will they know who you are? Will they know what you do? Chances are no, not unless it is written in there as well. Okay?

On mine, my website PaulBarrs.com Internet Business Training pretty much says a lot of what I do. Half of what I do is the training side of things. So people they see it putting off all the time, “Ah, they got a crappy website but I don’t want to upgrade it because I might need to change my branding.” Well, no you don’t have to. There are options to make it possible to keep the branding but let me say this if your branding is old and outdated and hurting instead of helping your brand, your business – guess what? Time to change. Okay? Very, very important.

Here’s another one, often new content it doesn’t fit in with what you had before. Often the old content, it doesn’t cover everything that you need for the new upgrade, the website, which means yes let’s upgrade the website, bang, bang, bang and then what? We need more content. Oh boy! People get held back by, “I don’t have time to write content.” You haven’t got time not to. If what you’ve got right now isn’t working guess what? You need to upgrade. It is time to get started. If it’s hurting you, instead of helping you need to get started today. Maybe set out a schedule. Set out a schedule in order to say, “I’ll achieve this marker at this date. That marker at that date and so on…” Even if it takes three months over time you do some, we do some, however something like that.

Now there’s another one which is also very, very important. I think this is Number Five on my list and when you do a website upgrade you actually can seriously hurt your SEO rankings if of course you’re getting any. So, I’m gonna tell you now before you do any kind of work towards upgrading a website you must check all the possibles when it comes to your current Search Engine rankings. Now, if you’re on the average page three to five, page ten… it doesn’t matter. Who cares? But if you’re on page one, two – sorry position one, two or three you really probably don’t want to change that. Look at then just upgrading the content, the call to action, getting a result when people come through your website. That is of course assuming position one, two or three and you’re getting some traffic. Does that make sense?

So we wrap up this video by saying this, here’s how we do it: If you want to upgrade your website and you do need to do this every two to three years, have a look, begin at not the beginning but at the end. Begin at the end and look at that final conversion point. What it is that you want them to do? Is it to purchase a product? Is it to download something? Is it to contact you? Is it to book a service? What is it? What is that final conversion point?

And then work your way back through the sales funnel – from this is what you want them to do to this what they want to do. They wanna read maybe more information, get some ideas perhaps. How do you get them from here to here? That’s what you need to be looking at and that’s a very important part of the overall progress.

A website upgrade is so much more than new template, new design, new colors, couple of new icons. No, don’t even waste your time. A website upgrade is about improving your business. It’s about building profit, it’s about positioning yourself to be the market leader or at least take a greater share of the marketplace in your industry in your area. So begin with those conversion goals and then work your way back.

Ok folks I hope you found that interesting and helpful. Thank you very much for joining with me, my name is Paul Barrs I’ll take to you again soon…