Internet Business Training

Don’t want to wait for the next “Live Event”? No problem! Can’t make it due to time or scheduling conflicts? Doesn’t matter…! Over the coming months all of my digital training will be updated and online for instant download.

Learn How to Get Your Site Found in Google; or how to Get More Leads, Sales, and Customers Online. Take a look now at our online digital training:

Workshops, Seminars, Speaking Engagements

With over 35 years ‘on-stage’ experience from the local library to the United Nations in New York; all stages big and small (and yes, you did read that right, the UN in New York!), I’ve been fortunate to speak before thousands worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for a full day workshop or a 90-minute keynote, every word is crafted and designed to get results and encourage business growth in all ares of digital business. Topics include SEO for Small Business, Designing Your Digital Strategy, How to Increase Your Online Conversions (and more!).

Chambers of Commerce and Business Breakfasts

There are three types of trainers… those who are working in the field, those who teach in the field; and those that do BOTH! My Small Business Presentations are designed to help attendees both ‘see’ what options they have before them, as well as ‘give them‘ actionable steps to take home. no-one comes to one of my presentations and leaves empty handed… guaranteed!

Webinars, Facebook, and YouTube

Over the years I’ve published literally thousands of training videos Online, many of which are publicly available YouTube; others via my Facebook Business page.

Topics covered include SEO, Analytics, Social Media and other areas of Digital Marketing. My goal is to help you getting better results online. Want more? Book in for one of my upcoming Webinars!

Custom Training to Your Door

For many of our clients, custom training sessions are what best suit the bill – whether it’s a 90 minute consultation or a full afternoon Mastermind session; I will build a custom training program to suit your individual need. All such training sessions are backed by my “Like it, Love it, or Shove it!” guarantee.

When you book in for a custom training session I guarantee that you’ll walk away with an epic amount of actionable items!

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