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Hi there. My name is Paul Barrs. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by –

Since July 2000, I have been lucky enough to help tens of thousands of business owners build the online side of their business; every kind of business from Doctors and Dentists to Lawyers and Land Surveyors. Business Brokers, Coaching Consultants, Clairvoyants and Construction Companies. I’ve even had the good fortune to consult to the marketing team for the SCG and multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations!

How is such diversity possible? Because the principles of online success DO NOT CHANGE – we all ‘sell’ to people, and as people we all have similar needs. We want to be heard, we want to be listened to, and we want people to care!

It is for this reason, that I know I can help you.

20 Years in Business, with Plenty More to Come!

These days it seems every Tom, Dick and Harriet have ‘website’ experience.. and yes, they mostly do, but –

The key to success online ISN’T having a website, it’s what you DO with that website! It’s how you write the words, it’s how you craft your message, it’s how you bring people to your website and convert them to repeat customers over and over again. It’s never just one thing, it’s many!

And that’s where I can help you. Over the years I’ve worked both directly and indirectly with hundreds of thousands of small business owners, in all manner of business. If I’ve learnt ONE THING in that time, it’s that the most important ‘thing’ is the customer experience, the UX – when you focus on that, that is how you win the hearts and minds of your customers.

– Paul Barrs

Helping You Get Your Project Together

Over the years I’ve run big businesses and I’ve run small, including managing over 200 staff members while working in Woolworths management… now, by choice, I work with a small dedicated team (Brian, Thea and myself run the core of the business) along with hand selected contractors to get you the best possible results in the shortest possible time.


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