Links to Terms of Service, Legal Documents, Agreements, and Understandings.

Last Updated, January 2019.

The following links cover individual services provided by Paul Barrs Publishing Pty Ltd. In a nutshell however, our legal agreements on ALL services are as follows –

  • If you don’t like us you can sack us as a service provider.
  • If we don’t like you, we can sack you as a client.
  • If the above happens, it is the client’s responsibility (you) to move your services away from ours.
  • We will never ‘cut-off’ or disable your website under any circumstances as long as your bill has been paid.
  • If you bill goes unpaid after 90 days of issue, we will do whatever we deem fit to eitherĀ  (a) recover funds owed (which may include debt recovery services), or (b) remove any work which has been done, but not paid for from your website, or (c) remove your access to the website, or (d) suspend / cancel your website hosting.
  • If you have any questions about our terms of service, please Contact Us.


Extended Agreements for Specific Services

Website Hosting Agreement

Website Development Agreement

Search Engine Optimisation / SEO Agreement

Consultancy & Work Agreement

Privacy Policy



Earnings Disclaimer