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There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to constantly come up with good quality speakers to talk to your small business group – there’s the time involved, the phone calls, the emails and the ‘fail to respond’.

Book Paul now for an upcoming event and you’ll experience not only an incredible presentation, but a fun filled / fact based quality learning experience for all your members.

Paul has had over 30 years speaking experience across many industries and is easily able to motivate, inspire and build up any group of small business owners.

Here are 3 of Paul’s Ready-to-Go presentations right now –

8 Steps to The Perfect Website

7 Ways To Improve Your Conversions

Grow Your Sales, Conversions & Customers

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Unmatched Experience!

With over 35 years ‘on-stage’ experience from the local library to the United Nations in New York; I’ve walked stages big and small (and yes, the United Nations at age 16… ask me about it sometime).

Whether you’re looking for a full day workshop or a 90-minute keynote, every word is crafted and designed to get results and encourage business growth in all ares of digital business.

Ideas that Inspire Action!

There are three types of trainers… those who are working in the field, those who teach in the field; and those that do BOTH!

Battle-tested results since the turn of the Century, my speaking presentations come not just from knowledge but from hands on experience. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with people who “just teach”, but there’s also nothing better than someone who does what he says and says what he does!

Getting Results!

It’s a jungle out there, Really! There’s Social Media, Websites, eCommerce, Blogging, Search Engines, Content marketing, Videos, Email Marketing …. The list goes one! Sometimes it seems like it never stops!

How is is possible to navigate the minefield of information out there and arrive to your destination unharmed? There’s only one way – follow in the footsteps of someone who’s already walked the path before you.