The Perfect On-Page SEO Sample Page

The Perfect On-Page SEO Sample Page

I am often asked, “What are the most important On-Page SEO factors? Can you show us a sample page?” This question comes up time and time again in my workshops and seminars. So, for future reference, here is my sample onpage SEO ‘page’.

On this page I will demonstrate what I call the the “Magic Half Dozen”  on-page strategies for you mixed in with some Lorem ipsum text. Are there more than half a dozen? Of course. Do you need more? No. In conjunction with GOOD, relevant content across your entire website, and good relevant linking off your website, these on-page SEO strategies will be enough. Grab your pen and paper, it’s time to take notes.

First things first, notice the page title and the page heading. I use my primary keyword phrase as the title and the heading above is a H1 “heading” tag.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent facilisis malesuada dolor eu commodo. Integer consequat, lorem vel bibendum semper, risus sem ultricies velit, sit amet euismod elit purus nec erat. Ut dapibus volutpat lectus, id egestas ligula ultrices ut. Ut sit amet mi quam, vitae euismod nibh. Aliquam erat volutpat. Etiam auctor diam quis massa commodo at lobortis lacus elementum. Quisque ac nunc odio, id vulputate lectus. Morbi sodales, massa ut vulputate semper, sem nibh tincidunt lorem, quis porta enim mi eget nibh. Praesent leo ipsum, consectetur nec lacinia non, suscipit nec urna. Cras quis erat at ipsum auctor varius eu nec urna. Suspendisse potenti. Praesent sed adipiscing elit. Cras posuere quam non orci rhoncus aliquam. In luctus molestie euismod. Duis vel dui elit, porta ullamcorper dui.

It’s also important to use a “H2” sub-heading tag – again using your targeted keyword phrase. ie –

My On Page SEO… Sample Page

Aliquam eget tincidunt dolor. Maecenas blandit aliquam dui, a accumsan massa varius sed. Proin in ipsum ut lorem adipiscing posuere quis sit amet arcu. Fusce ornare turpis in diam auctor bibendum. Sed sed nisi diam. Nunc eleifend faucibus dictum. Nullam vitae justo eu purus tincidunt sagittis On Page SEO… Sample Page vitae non enim. Suspendisse malesuada diam id urna feugiat quis consectetur est semper. Integer ante erat, iaculis ac malesuada sed, facilisis eu libero. Praesent fermentum justo in nulla vehicula mattis. Nunc accumsan lacus urna, at facilisis felis.

My On page SEO Sample page

Images don’t actually benefit SEO, but the text *related* to the image can tell Google what it’s all about.

The “H3” heading tag isn’t really necessary.

Proin sit amet urna non justo mattis hendrerit. Curabitur id lectus dui. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Sed ut porta ipsum. Cras luctus tempus vulputate. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam id tellus et tellus pellentesque laoreet ac quis libero. There is also NO REAL BENEFIT to BOLD-FACE or UNDERLINING your Keywords from an SEO perspective. It’s better to ask… “Does this enhance the look of the page for the customer?” Nulla eget porttitor turpis. Nam pellentesque lacus eget orci ornare aliquam. Vivamus mattis est sed metus aliquet et tincidunt erat suscipit. Mauris eu massa sed dui tempus aliquet. Nullam gravida neque at nulla elementum sed faucibus sem sagittis.

Using related keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) can help the over all balance of the page.

Search Engine Optimization Nullam augue diam, vulputate vel dapibus ac, viverra in diam. Nullam mollis scelerisque mauris, ac vehicula odio scelerisque vel. Morbi consectetur blandit nunc, ornare accumsan erat rutrum sit amet. Morbi sit amet facilisis est. Phasellus vulputate Google Search aliquam nunc, a ullamcorper turpis malesuada accumsan. Aenean at porttitor diam. Etiam nibh elit, adipiscing euismod venenatis a, molestie in lorem. Suspendisse vel ligula libero. Phasellus et tempor elit. Cras sed elit rutrum arcu fermentum scelerisque sit amet nec dui. Off-page SEO Vestibulum lobortis cursus venenatis. Nam facilisis nulla at sem luctus eget imperdiet sapien commodo. Donec porta dapibus sapien at congue. Integer vel purus risus, nec euismod orci.

You can see them above in bold.

Nulla varius viverra massa ut dictum. Ut porttitor aliquet felis, ut adipiscing nibh commodo vitae. Integer consequat ante et quam ornare dignissim. Pellentesque diam libero, commodo ac elementum non, iaculis a justo. Praesent est elit, viverra eu iaculis in, vehicula faucibus purus. Cras lectus arcu, blandit sit amet scelerisque nec, vestibulum vitae felis. Mauris cursus venenatis leo ac aliquet. Ut tincidunt pellentesque lorem, et fermentum nibh faucibus et. Suspendisse dictum facilisis magna eget mattis. Suspendisse eu arcu eget risus scelerisque volutpat eu cursus massa. Cras mollis ultrices est, eu tempor leo egestas vel. Sed ultrices dui libero, a pharetra tortor. Morbi tempus rhoncus faucibus. In elit arcu, bibendum mollis congue vel, tincidunt eu tellus. Nullam massa mi, ultricies at porta eu, cursus non turpis. Some believe that’s also a good idea to use your primary keyword phrase in the last few sentences as well… ie “on page SEO sample page”. Does this help? Don’t know. Doubt it. The most important section of the page is the firs 300 or so words (the first few paragraphs).

I also have a good video on my Youtube Channel which outlines some of the myths surrounding on-page seo.

And in case you missed them; the magic half dozen are (in order of appearance)… Use of your primary keyword phrase in the page name, the page ‘title’ tag, the H1 tag, the H2 tag, the first paragraph, and the image ‘alt’ text. Plus as an added benefit I have links from other pages on my site pointing to *this* page using my primary keyword phrase (you can’t see these as they are on other pages).

Easy. And in case you were wondering, this page is “about” 800 words 🙂