Reputation Management | Trolls


Reputation Management | Trolls

It’s been an interesting week, with highs and lows. In this video we’ll talk about your Off Page Strategy, about my latest Online Fan (not!) and how to deal with Reputation Management.

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Hi there, folks. Paul Barrs signing in for a very quick YouTube update. Thank you for joining with me.

Oh boy, have I got something exciting for you today. We’re talking off-page SEO, and we’re talking about haters, and we’re talking about the process of putting it all into action. That sounds interesting. Let me explain.

Very simply, the process of optimizing your website for search, to get found in search, is two things. It’s on-page SEO, the stuff you do on your pages. It’s also off-page SEO, the stuff that happens off your pages. Fairly basic. Most people know these two things.

Here’s what most people don’t realize. On-page SEO is about 80%. It’s all the content. It’s the pages and it’s the posts through your blogging that go onto your website. It’s the products that are there that people come and purchase. That’s the on-page side of things. It’s the metadata. It’s the internal links. It’s everything that happens on the page.

Here’s the good news. Yes, it’s about 80%, but once most of that is done, it doesn’t need to be done again. It then moves into what’s called content management, which is new content, usually through the occasional page, but blog posting on a regular basis fresh and updated, to then move to the off-page SEO side of things. This is the strategy and how it works.

On-page SEO is about 80%. Off-page SEO is about 20%. But, the interesting thing is off-page SEO is the glue that holds the on-page together. I want you to understand that. That is so important. On-page SEO makes a huge difference, the content and everything that goes with that. On its own, it’s not enough. You need the off-page SEO to balance it and to hold it together.

The off-page SEO includes, yes, your social media profiles. It means getting your content out yourself through your own social media. It means writing such good content that you hope other people will start to share it as well. It means producing your content and repurposing it in multiple different ways. What it means very simply is building a tribe of followers who will share your content for you, not just yourself. You can only share it once. Get a thousand followers, you can get them sharing for you as well. That’s why we have to write such good content.

Outside of that, there are many other things as well. There are other business directories. There are citations. There is repurposing your content to different platforms outside of social media, looking at things like Scribd or SlideShare, places like that where you can also repurpose your content. There’s looking at joint ventures and getting people to also share your content, not just through their own websites but through their own tribe as well, and having them come and share your content.

Simply this: my philosophy is simple. Yes, we need links back to our website. Absolutely we need them. But, those links must be accompanied by content. I’ve always said if it’s good for the customer, it’s good for Google. Does that make sense? That’s my philosophy. I look at that and knowing that that content management and that off-page SEO is what happens forever and a day once the on-page is finished.

This past week, I’m guessing one of my competitors maybe, I think, I have a hunch who it was who did this. I’ll throw it out there in case he sees it. Tom, how are you going, buddy? Yeah, look, I’m pretty sure I know. Here’s the thing. Understanding a good philosophy will help you and anyone else watching this understand how the whole thing works.

I received this hate mail and it’s in the form of video. It wasn’t even sent to me. It was picked up by Google Alerts. Good idea to have Google Alerts monitoring your name, your business, and your brand. I’m going to show you just a couple of segments. The whole thing is four or five minutes, so we haven’t got time for that, but just a couple of segments.

Then, I’m going to address the points of concern that this individual who probably spent a few hours putting this together. It’s really quite incredible. It’s a video hate mail about me and my SEO. I mean, wow, what an honor to have finally made it to that. I’ve had hate mail my whole life with Internet stuff because there are always people who just disagree. The Internet, the anonymity, being anonymous means you can say whatever you want, stuff you’d never say to somebody’s face I’m sure.

Hey, look, sit back just for a couple of minutes and have a look at this and have a bit of a laugh with me, please. Then, I’ll address those points of concern. All right, watch this.

Wow. How incredible is that? I mean, look at the time and effort that went into that. Yes, it’s using Meme Generator, I think it is. Still, to care and be so passionate about what you’re doing, and to be so wrong, oh my God. Never mind. I appreciate the effort. Thank you very much.

Let’s just address some of those points. This may not be all the ones that you saw in that segment. These are from the video as a whole. First things first, yes, there is a video here on my YouTube channel which is called Content Conversion Pages. At this point in time I rank number one for that. I think I have for, I don’t know, six or eight months or something like that. Why? Because it’s not a very competitive phrase and, yeah, there’s almost nobody looking for it.

Well, that’s fine, but guess what? I didn’t create the video because I thought it was a competitive phrase and I thought people were looking for it. I created it because it’s a good bloody idea. Does that make sense? This is what you have to do sometimes. You just create stuff because it’s good for the customer, not just for SEO. If you create stuff only for SEO, chances are you’re not going to get that many customers. Because they’re coming through for the wrong reasons and Google is not going to appreciate it.

This person says that obviously once I can get some good results then they’ll trust me. I’m thinking either they’ve lost a job to me already, which is probably my best guess, or I’m really not quite sure. It’s certainly not someone who’s gone and decided to buy from somebody else, even though they do sort of suggest that in the video.

Have a quick look just at some of these clips across the screen of the kind of results I have been getting for my clients. Let’s have a look. There you go. They speak for themselves.

Here’s the thing. I’m so damn busy at the moment, I don’t have time to do any additional work. I already get found on my two primary keyword phrases which are incredibly competitive — “Internet business training” and “online business training”. That’s what I do. That’s what it says on the shirt. That’s what I’ve spent the last 15 years and 18 years in business doing.

Here’s the thing. I had to laugh at this one. Yes, I’ve been working online now for 18 years. Have I been doing what I’m doing right now? No, but I started online 18 years ago. It’s now 2015. In the video they say something about 1997. Hang on. 2015, 1997 when things started, 18 years. No shit! Well, hands up to those who can do mathematics.

Plus, then we come to the final part of the video, something called the WSO, the Warrior Special Offer, baboom. For those of you who don’t yet know about the Warrior Forum, I’m going to suggest you don’t actually go there because I agree with this particular fellow, the quality of stuff on the Warrior Forum has dropped so much in the last five, six, seven years. I was an active member there for many, many years. I started back in 2002. I ran many of my own WSOs, yes, absolutely, and made a very good income from them.

I think the last one I posted was five or six years ago. I really don’t remember. It’s not something that I’m actively involved with at the moment. I don’t even go there unless I get a message from someone. I still get people asking me questions from time to time about a product that I used to sell. Other than that, I’m not involved and haven’t been involved with the Warrior Forum for, I don’t know how long.

Why? Because most of the stuff, not all, that comes through there is looking for quick fix, simple, push button solutions. Look, folks, if you’re watching this and you want to know where to find quick fix, simple, push button solutions, you don’t go to even the Warrior Forum. Where you go is the Blackhat Community. If this is what you’re looking for, I don’t want you to be one of my customers. Seriously, I’m not for you. You go to the Blackhat forum, the Blackhat Communities, and you look at what they’re currently selling. I keep an eye on these things. I was watching a webinar from there just last week.

See, I also look for the good of what Google wants, and I look for the bad. This is the hours and hours that I put in every single week, every single month, into studying my craft and getting it right. And, they are still promoting push button, quick and simple, one-step solutions spamming crap, just like it said in the video.

Dude, guy, girl, whoever you are who made that, pure and simple, you’re a fucktard. That’s the way it is. What you are doing is why it’s not working long term for you or for your clients, end of story. The fact that you wouldn’t even identify yourself proves to me that you’re gutless, that you haven’t got the heart to back up what you’re saying.

You want to see what I’m saying? Come to one of my workshops. Come to one of my seminars. I will teach you. It doesn’t even matter if you’re competition. I have my competition coming to my workshops because they know that what I teach works and they know that that’s why I’ve been fortunate to now be positioned as an industry leader.

So, that’s my comment on the haters. Thank you for allowing me just that moment.

What now then for you, for the rest of us here also watching this? We need to manage our content, and modern SEO is just that, content management. Get it right on your website and then get it right off your website. It’s that simple. I don’t know why that person thought I don’t advocate off-page SEO. It is crucially important that we manage our off-page SEO which includes reputation management, which includes managing our backlink profile.

If this little weed starts spamming the crap with mine, guess what? I’m not even worried about it. Why? Because Google knows that I’ve never done that. I think my current domain,, has been there for 15 years. I think it was 2000 I registered, by memory. I have never done that kind of shit. Google knows that. They’re not stupid.

I get the comment sometimes from people in my seminars. They say, “Paul, question, what happens if someone starts spamming links for your website?” Look, if you’ve never done that as a practice before, Google will know. You’ll see them come up in your reports in Google Webmaster tools and you just disavow them. It’s pretty damn easy. Unfortunately, it does take a little bit of time, but it’s incredibly easy. Because they’re just spam out there, bang, you wipe them off. It’s very unlikely that they are going to affect you as far as your website business goes if you’ve never done that. I never have and I never will.

Off-page SEO is all about content management. It’s all about you getting it right for your customers. If you can send content out with your link, fantastic. Look also at your top six. Look at your citations. Look at joint ventures with others. That’s where the magic happens. Getting links, yeah, look, that’s one thing. Getting customers, that’s where the money is.

All right, folks, that’s enough from me. Thank you very much for sticking around and watching. Have a great week. My name is Paul Barrs from Guess what I do? Internet business training and online business training. You have a fantastic week. I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.