How long does it take to get results with SEO? Well, PPC is best for a new business, but with a steady SEO strategy, you can eventually remove your PPC completely. Here's whats involved.

People ask me all the time, "How much does SEO cost?" To understand the answer, you must first understand why modern SEO is completely different from the old days of just 'link building'.

It's been an interesting week, with highs and lows. In this video we'll talk about your Off Page Strategy, about my latest Online Fan (not!) and how to deal with Reputation Management.

From the mouth of Google itself (well, one of it's experts)... link building can do more harm than good.  In today's video we're going to cover the sometimes messy topic of back-link building. Should we still be doing it or not? Let's find out!

From the desk of Paul Barrs It's real simple - Google wants you to manage your backlink profile like a professional, not an idiot. If you havn't already been hit with the Penguin SLAP, then this post & video is urgent viewing for you!

Hi there, folks. Paul Barrs signing in for a quick client training video. We're going to look at the search engine optimization reports, the SEO reports that my system generates each month. And I forward them to clients to give you an understanding of what it...

No, SEO isn’t dead, and I disagree with the title of this infographic. However, the reason I publish it here is that the rest of the content is spot on a worthwhile read. I think you’ll find that the title is a clever use of attention...

Let's have some fun.... A friend of mine says, "I noticed you are not on Page One of Google for: 'Rainbow Coloured Unicorns in Brisbane'. If you are interested we have a special package for $999 where we guarantee you page 1 between 1st and 3rd slot."