YouTube SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 5)

YouTube SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 5)

There are 5 major areas of SEO – if you focus on these before anything else, you can get solid results, fast from your SEO efforts. The fifth is YouTube SEO.

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Hi there, folks. My name is Paul Barrs from Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, watch this video. Now, we’re doing a short series on the most important things you can do to improve the SEO of your website. This one will wrap up this series. I’m going to talk about YouTube SEO.

First things first, I don’t know where you’re watching this right now. You might be watching this on Facebook, you could be watching this through my blog, or you could be watching it on YouTube. Now, I run my YouTube channel quite well. I’ve only just in the last two years started putting some serious work into it. Now, getting thousands of subscribers starting to follow.

But, I don’t just put the video on YouTube. It also gets embedded into my blog. It also gets shared to social media as well. And that doesn’t help much with my SEO. What really makes a difference though and that’s what this video is about is, number one, the keyword research. The keyword research that you do through YouTube, which allows you then to optimize your title and your description and then your tag categories for your YouTube videos.

Now, they are the mind elements and there I could walk off right now and that would be the end of this video, but they’re things that you must do. I like to take things a little bit further, I always get a transcript for my videos, and when it goes under my blog, that transcript goes there as well. Now, does that improve how my videos get found in YouTube search? Probably not, but what I could do is get some captions for this video, professionally record, professionally written and embed them. Could that make a difference? I believe it does. Do I go that far? No. But you could for your prime targeted videos. Good title, good description, good tags, categories, and so on for your videos. They are the most important things.

Now, I also believe, and I don’t know, does it make a difference what we actually say? So, should we have spoken word in our videos? Yes, I believe that it does. Now, the automatic captions that YouTube generates are generally hilarious. Click on them, have a look, you probably find that they say very little but only some of what I’m saying right now. But we do know that machine learning can listen to what we’re saying and think perhaps that makes a little bit of a difference.

So, some people are told and they create short videos which are just a slideshow, some music and some text on screen. That’s because they can do that and automatically generate it. Have you noticed the number of automatically generated rubbish videos that are on YouTube? Not such a good thing.” I’m going to encourage you to stand out and be different. So, not just a good title, not just a good description and good tags and categories in YouTube, but good quality content.

Then what? Well, get people to look at it. So, get it out on to your blog, get it out through social media, get people to look at it and start sharing it and perhaps embed it on their blogs. That’s good for SEO. Perhaps they can have links back to it from their website, that’s good for SEO. And of course, that will only happen if it is good content. Would you agree with me on that?

All right, I am going to sign off this video. It’s short, it’s quick, it’s not meant to be an in depth article, but to give you the quick tips that can make a solid difference to your SEO results. All right, new series starting soon. I look forward to that. I’ll see you then. My name is Paul Barrs, form signing off. Bye-bye.