My Super-Quick 3-Question Survey

My Super-Quick 3-Question Survey

Good Morning!

When was the last time you surveyed your customers? How about your “prospective” customers?

Every WEEK during one of my coaching or mentoring sessions I have someone ask me, “Paul, what should I do next?”

You know what my usual answer is? “I don’t know, ASK your customers!”

Now sure, there are things that *I know* should be done next – but the MOST IMPORTANT thing they should be doing before making any kind of shift in their business or online strategy is to ASK THEIR CUSTOMERS what it is that *they* want next.

Does that make sense?

Here’s an example: About a month ago I released a brand new website here at – if you’re reading this anywhere other than my site and haven’t stopped by recently, please do. used be my “blog”; just a blog, nothing more.

However, as I looked at my analytics between sites and incoming enquiries, I realised that my blog wasn’t meeting the needs of my customers….

Knowing this I was able to make some CHANGE.

Right now I’m in the process of doing the on-page SEO for the site. Initial results are encouraging.

However, the LAST STAGE of the site is to upgrade the online shop – I haven’t recorded any NEW COACHING PROGRAMS FOR OVER A YEAR! That needs to be changed too.

And that’s why I’m talking to you about surveys –

Imagine you were in a situation where you had to create a new product… who would be the BEST PERSON to ask “what they want” that product to BE?

Who? YOU!

Your customers, your ‘prospective’ customers… in my case… you 🙂

So just as I’m about to ASK YOU to take a moment now and fill out my super-quick 3-question survey to help me decide which of my full day coaching workshops I should convert to digital download home study courses – you too should be asking YOUR CUSTOMERS what it is that *they* want from you in your business.

This is the stuff that DREAMS are made from.

So please, go now to and take a minute to COMPLETE my super-quick 3-question survey. It will HELP ME decide which direction to take next.

Let me know how I can BEST serve you?


Paul Barrs