Links, Tools, Resources

Links, Tools, Resources

Over the years I’ve come across many wonderful links, tools and resources that have helped me grow the online side of my business. Most of them are all neatly filed away in various Bookmarks in my browser. Others I’ve just lost. Here’s a list of my favourites – which I will be adding to from time to time, and you can use yourself. Enjoy!

Learn how to write the perfect meta title
and meta description for any page.

meta title and meta description

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings
with This Simple Tool



The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

Guide to Removing Google Analytics Spam

Ahrefs – turnkey marketing laboratory

GA Checker

Hubspot Marketing Grader (for your Website)

Analyze your competitor’s online marketing strategy

SEM Rush

Google Analytics / Google Ads URL Campaign Builder (UTM Tracking Codes)

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Content Management:



Speechpad offer very affordable transcription services.

Content Plagiarism Checker

Sales Copy “Headline” Analyser

Lorum Ipsum Generator

Video Hosting (for stuff you don’t want on YouTube)

Outbrain – Content Publishing

Convert Stuff to PDF… of PDF to ‘stuff’.

A nice guide on how to outsource your blogging
The KISSMetrics Formula

Article Idea Generators


BuzzSumo: Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor

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Check Your Email Score

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Google Search Console Main Dashboard
Webmaster Tools Copyright Removal

Google’s Website Analysis Tool
Test My Site (By Google)

Google Adwords (and the Keyword Planner)

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google “My Business”

Google Page Speed Test

Google Mobile Friendly Test (1)

Google Mobile Friendly Test (2)

Google Developers Guide

Definitive Guide to Removing Referral Spam

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Remove Background: Great Resource for eCommerce Websites needing to tidy up their product images.

An excellent resource for infographics / templates

Don’t like Photoshop? Try Canva

Online Infographics Creator

Create 3D eCovers from your 2D Designs

One of many stock photo companies

“Always” up-to-date Social Media Image Size Guide

Colour Combinations Guide

Logo Design Helper

Online Image Splitter

One of my Fav Graphics Sites

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Source Bottle is a great website for finding new publicity opportunities.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics.

Email Automation System

Advertising ROI Calculator


Definitions for Common Digital Marketing Acronyms and Terms

Adobe Digital Signatures

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Online Booking Systems:


Try Booking

Or – WooCommerce with WooBookings

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Online Surveys:



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Outsourcing Resources:



The Content Authority

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):

Robots.txt Generator

Learn more about Robots.txt

XML Sitemap Generator

Learn more about HTTP Status Codes

Yes, Bing Webmaster Tools is still a good resource

Learn about Canonical URL’s

Learn about Paginated Content (from Google)

Learn about Rich Snippets

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Google Operators for specific search queries

Moz’s Open Site Explorer (view a website’s link profile)

Even Google employees get SEO Spam Emails.

Guide to Ecommerce SEO

12 keyword research tools and creative ways to use them

Keyword Density Analyser

Google Search Console – Have you found webspam?

Google Analytics for SEO

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Social Media:

Facebook De-Bugger (for when FB won’t show the right image from your website)

Find out if the ‘name’ you want is available

Facebook Sharing Checklist

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STRONG Password Generator

Find a new theme or design for your website

GA Checker – Check Your Site for Missing Google Analytics Tracking Code

Website Wireframe Design Tool

Monitor your site’s “up and downtime”

Website Speed Test (1)

Website Speed Test (2)

Website Speed Test (3)

Server Speed Tester

Broken Links Checker

User “Experience” Test

See how your Website Renders on Different Devices

Find out who the ‘host’ is for any website

Find out what Technology is used on any website

Website System Administrator Tools

Find out what other sites are hosted on your server

IP “Block” Guide

Website “Testing” Service (Marketing / HTML / Social)

SSL Certificate Checker

WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Website Scanner

Woothemes Showcase

Easily add dummy text to your website & templates!

Enable your clients to send you large files without them needing a Dropbox account

Submit a Domain Complaint » auDA

SSL Checker – “Why No Padlock”

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Find even more resources online with the “Advice Engine”