Tools To Find Out Everything About A Website

Tools To Find Out Everything About A Website

The percentage of traffic that hits your website regularly helps to determine how effective it is and how informative your contents are for your users. Tracking down traffic is also vital in determining how qualitative it is and what are the arenas that need betterment. Thus, if you are inquisitive about tracking down the identity of those who have visited your website today or wish to get an idea on the traffic generated towards the same every month, there are numerous tools to assist you in the same. Have a look at these tools to find out everything about your website.

Google Analytics –

A tool is vital for you in order to analyze how many hits your pages have received, frequency of page views, identity of unique visitors and the quality of ping backs created in your website. A tool designed for the purpose is specially recommended, which is Google Analytics. It is one that is widely recommended ones by the experts. Good news about the tool is that it is available for free. The return it gives is that it tracks every action that takes place in your website, both in weekly, monthly and yearly mode. It also offers great security as the information can only be accessed by the owner of the account and no one else. It is also supplied with in-built graphs, charts and extended tools to make the information supplied even more transparent.

Web Trends –

Sometimes you need something more than merely tracking down the frequency and percentage of traffic generation on your website. Hence, Web Trends is a tool that gives you your cherished ‘something extra’ in web experience. It prompts on the nature and quality of each and every aspect of online activity that takes place on your pages. Therefore, you can have a greater and clearer idea on how to improve the usability of your website. Further, this tool also assists with tips for optimizing interactions on your pages. However, you need to pay a hefty sum to own this tool, which is worth it though.

StatCounter –

One of the ways of hitting more and more user attention is to showcase the positive statistics of the traffic towards your website. This acts as a temptation for the new visitors. The tool that helps you to share such traffic statistics online is StatCounter. You can customize these statistics to public or private mode too, together with the option of concealing or showing the hit counter on your website. The ID and link provided to you from StatCounter as a consequence will exhibit those vital statistics to the visitors without any need of login to your website at all. However, you can publish those stats on your webpage too as a mark of promotion of the same.

dnScoop –

Gaining experience from other websites related to your trade always proves beneficial. dnScoop is a tool that extracts the stats of every other website for you. You will be supplied with essential feedback on foreign websites, such as page ranking, domain age, inbound links, Alexa traffic ranking and even the estimated financial value of a website it is offered for sale.

There is a tool for everything you need to know about each and every web activity. Some of the vital ones have been presented here. A thorough search will give you an idea on other such effective web tools.

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