The Case for Strong Passwords

The Case for Strong Passwords

Far too often I see a huge mistake being made in the online business world. Not so much by people who do web development and design themselves, but certainly by those people who *hire* people like me to do their design and manage their websites.

What is this mistake?

It’s the simple fact that *you* as the website “owner” don’t actually “own” your website!

Maybe you DO own your website (you paid for it right?), but do you own – or even have – the access details to it.

I’m talking about the usernames, the passwords – all the little bits and pieces that make it happen… and can TEAR IT DOWN if things go wrong.

Imagine this simple scenario –

You get someone to do your website. They do OK for a few years, but as time passes you decide to upgrade and make things a little more juicy. You current web guy or girl can’t do what you want so you move on to someone better (like me for example). Your old web guy or girl gets the shits and locks you out of your website.

  • You can’t make any changes.
  • You can’t add new Blog posts.
  • You can’t even change your phone number on the site if you wanted to!

Worse case scenario; your web-hosting gets pulled out from underneath you and you don’t even have a website any more!

Don’t think it can happen? Rubbish!

I’ve seen variations of this situation TWICE in just in the past week!

The most important thing here is that you must PROTECT YOURSELF from idiots and wanna-be “website designers” who get ticked off if you take your business away from them.

And yes, it DOES happen.

Have a great week.

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