What Is A Responsive Website Theme?

What Is A Responsive Website Theme?

There are many different things that we look at when it comes to choosing our website, how it should look, and how it should feel. But these days, without question, one of the most important things we must look at, is how it will respond to different media devices.

This is going to a very quick, a very simple, and a very easy blog post to follow. Here’s my best tip right up front for you right now. When you next choose to upgrade the design of your website, before anything else, you must choose to make it a responsive website theme. Very simply, in layman’s terms, what that means is, your website template, your website design, will respond differently depending on the device on which it is being viewed.

For example, most of my work is done on a laptop. I no longer have a desktop computer. I use a laptop with a reasonable screen size for good viewing. Almost every single website I come across looks great on my laptop. I use Firefox as my browser, but it’s neither here nor there, whether it’s Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or some other browser. It’s the screen size that makes the difference.

website-development2We all know that all websites look good on a big screen size, yes? The question I have for you today is, how well does your website come up on a smaller screen size? For example, an iPad or a tablet? With a responsive website theme, your web design will actually respond to the smaller screen and adjust itself if necessary. How cool is that?

The same principle applies, then, when your website is viewed on a smaller device, for example, an iPhone or a smart phone of some other kind. Again, your website will respond and realign its design according to the smaller screen and the device that it’s being viewed on.

This is what’s so good about responsive themes. You can have one design which suits all size devices. Far better than building Website one, which looks good on the laptops and desktops, and then Website two, which is a redirect to a mobile-enabled website, which looks great on the small devices. A responsive website theme will allow you to build one website which will respond to all sized devices and screens.

Here’s my question for you, my quick tip question; your current website, how well does it respond to different sized devices? Is it time, perhaps, for you to upgrade to a new look? If you’re not sure, then I suggest that you check your analytics and check to see how many people are viewing your website on mobile devices. When you find that around 10% to 12% or more are accessing your site on mobile, then yes, it’s time for you to respond and build a better looking website, if it’s not already mobile-enabled. My best tip upfront is, that you build your new website with a responsive website theme that will respond to all browser and all screen sizes accordingly.

That’s the best way to impress your customers and get better results online.