Common Website Mistakes #6 – Old School Mobile Redirects

Common Website Mistakes #6 – Old School Mobile Redirects

There are many common mistakes made by small business owners online; #6 is using old school mobile redirects.

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Hi there, folks, my name is Paul Barrs from We’re continuing on a series on simple mistakes that are easy to avoid when it comes to the management of the website side of your business. Now this one’s a bit of an old school one but it’s still hanging around for people who haven’t upgraded their site perhaps in the last year or two, and that is having your website redirect to a mobile version of your website.

Now hang on Paul, aren’t we all being told that we should have a mobile version of our website? Yes, yes you should, but not a mobile version, a completely separate part, a brand-new website separate to your main one. No, what we’re being told these days is that we must have a mobile responsive website, we must be thinking mobile first with how it loads.

And it simply works like this, this is the mistake. Old school thinking was, yeah correct, have a mobile website separate to your current one. But the problem with that too often was when people went searching for something and then they landed on page ABC on your website if they were on a mobile device it would just redirect them to the homepage of the mobile version.

Now here’s the thing, if I’m looking for a product ABC on your website and I’m on mobile I don’t want to get redirected to your home page and go looking for product ABC. But if you have a mobile responsive website, if you’re thinking mobile first technologies and when you reoptimize or rebuild your website you look at that mobile response first when someone goes looking for product ABC, that’s exactly what they get in a nice mobile friendly version.

Guys, it’s a simple mistake that so many people make because they haven’t taken the time to upgrade their site to adapt for newer technologies. That’s why I say it’s simple. Is it simple and easy to do? Perhaps not. But it can be done. You can at least check, which is what I want you to do. That’s my desired outcome for you from this video.
Simple mistakes, simple things that are easy to avoid when it comes to the management of the website side of your business. That’s the series we’re talking about. That’s it for this video, thank you for listening. I’ll talk to you again in the next. Bye-bye.