How to get more customers and higher conversions from your website


How to get more customers and higher conversions from your website

It’s important with every website as you begin designing it or as you redesign to identify your primary landing pages. Most often in marketing, landing pages are referred to lead capture pages, or pages that have a definite call to action.

In this case I’m referring to your landing pages as those which are the first pages your customers arrive on from any source or any medium; maybe social media, maybe search engines, maybe referrals. You can find out what your top landing pages are by identifying your entry pages in your analytics.

Once you’ve identified your top half dozen, now it’s time to go to work.

In order to improve your conversions you must have a definite goal for each of these pages. Having people read information is not a good enough goal. The goal must be some kind of call to action that can be measured into quantifiable results. Once you’ve determined this, then you can again go to work.

The first thing you need to do in order to increase your conversions is accept that you’re not going to settle for the first big win of conversions on this page.

You’ll accept that you’ll be continually be testing these pages. So you need to test things such as the design, the layout, the position of your logo perhaps or the position of the video. Is the text on the left hand side or on the right hand side? Where are your images? Each of these things need to be measured in order to improve and increase your conversions.

And this is the second thing you need to do. You need to run consistent A-B and multi-variant tests.

A-B testing simply says you have a control. You might send 1000 visitors to that page and you get a 28 percent conversion rate. Great.

When you make a change and compare it to the control. So for the next thousand visitors you get a 32 percent conversion rate, fantastic. Version B becomes your new control to test again and then to test again.

Multi-variant testing simply allows you to have a number of different pages which traffic is sent to which are identical accept for one factor. And you test the conversions on those different pages across the board, altogether instead of one at a time.

Lastly the third thing you absolutely must do to improve your conversions is accept that nothing is too small to test.

It could be the color of the background. It could be the color of the click now conversion button, the buy now. It could be the image on the right, or the left side. Whatever it is it’s never too small to test.

When it comes to increasing your conversions you must continually be aware of your control conversions and then your test conversions. These are metrics that must be measured at minimum on a monthly basis. I suggest weekly, better still with a paid ad campaign daily.

Never let your conversions go without looking for ways to make them better. And that’s the key to online business success. That’s actually the key to all marketing success. Yellow pages, local directories, ad-words, Facebook, it doesn’t matter.

Test, measure, track, test again; that’s the key.

Talk to you soon.

Paul Barrs.

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