How to Clone Your WordPress Website for Free

How to Clone Your WordPress Website for Free

Following yesterday’s post on ‘backing up’ your website, I also wanted to share this video on how to “clone” a WordPress Website (for free!).

Sure, you *could”* pay for some fancy plugin to do this, you could even pay some service to do it for you – I used to, but no longer. Recently while looking at various tools to accomplish this i came across a very neat tool that does it all for free. I’ve tested it, I’ve used it, it works.

So – why would I want to clone my website?

* Firstly, as a very easy and very complete “backup”! It does everything!
* Secondly, when I build a new site for a client, or upgrade their existing site, I will do it on a back up website (one that I have and only use for testing stuff). I’ll spend a few weeks building the new site, tweaking it, working with the client and getting it right.

Then what? Once it’s done, I’ll “clone” it, install WordPress on the new site (or the origional URL) and upload the ‘clone’. Bada-bing bada-boom – DONE!!

This video shows how easy it is –