Add reCAPTCHA To Your Website To Help Stop Spam

Add reCAPTCHA To Your Website To Help Stop Spam

Every day over over 30 million randomly chosen pairs of words from scanned books and newspapers are served up to users around the world in order to prevent spam. You know the kind; those annoyingly difficult and hard to read words that appear alongside some submission for or contact form (I use one here on my contact form).

These “catpcha’s” are designed to eliminate computer bots from being able to read and then submit these forms thus preventing spam. While often annoying for us, I can assure you that hundreds of false spam submissions to your contact form each day is even more annoying – or worse yet as the publishers of Time magazine found out some time back, millions of false ‘survey results’ is incredibly annoying!

Although the bots of reCAPTCHA heavily filter the words presented to avoid offensive combinations (there are over 1,000 words in their block list), some amusing pairs slip through. Below are some of the favorites.

All are real examples emailed by users.

1. While obtaining tickets for a concert.

2. Northern Neighbours?

3. Made an unlucky user insult themselves.

4. Sound advice!

5. One of the all-time best!

The customer then emailed the site 20 minutes later complaining he had followed the instructions to wait, but nothing was happening; sheesh 🙂

6. What do you think happened here, LOL.


The point being, spam is no laughing matter, and if you want to help prevent the amount of crap that spammers and other door-knockers send to your through your contact forms, stop by over to reCAPTCHA and get your free Captcha tools

– Paul