Why does SEO cost so much?

Why does SEO cost so much?

Perhaps a better question is Why does GOOD SEO cost so much?

It’s a good question and needs a good answer.

This morning I’ve been working on some on-page SEO for a client. I’ve already done the keyword research, so I have a list of 81 keywords which could potentially bring traffic and conversions to their website, each of which (the keywords) have been ranked in accordance with their potential difficulty to “get” a good ranking.

That’s step one.

However, now I HAVE that list… I’ve just completed the on-page SEO for One Page… not only did I have to target one primary keyword phrase for that page I also targeted 2 secondary keyword phrases…

* In the meta title which required a complete re-write.
* In the meta description,which also had to be re-written.
* In the alt-tags for the images, in the text, and in the menu’s and links across the site that LINK to the page…
* And of course the content (which needs further updating).

>> Every single time, using the same keywords but different combinations of related keywords while referencing my keyword report document for best opportunities!

This has taken 40 minutes… just for this one page.

Last time I did this for a client we started with 0 keywords in a top 3 position and only 1 on the first page. That was last May. As of last month the same client had 4 ‘top 3’ rankings and 21 FIRST PAGE rankings… with still more to come (and this is the worst result I’ve had this year!! [Highly competitive market])

Does it take time? YES! Therefore it takes money. So you’ve got to decide whether you’re prepared to pay or prepared to learn.

I can help you EITHER way. Contact me for more information and to find out how I can help YOU with your SEO.