Using Video in Your Business

Using Video in Your Business

Most people struggle when they think of using video in their business. They find it difficult because they think that “they” are the ones who have to be on camera. No! That’s not always the case. It depends on your marketplace, on your customers, on your branding… you’ve got to ask yourself, “What is the message that you want to get out to the people who BUY your products and services?”

When deciding if using video in your business is a good idea or not, you’ve also got to ask yourself, ‘Is it worth the cost?’ ‘Is it worth the time?’ ‘Will it return to me 10-fold what I put into it in terms of new business?’

My answer to each of these…YES!

YOUR answer is what’s most important though. Watch this short video to find out the three main reason why you should be using video in your business


Good morning, good afternoon, perhaps, should I even say good evening? Whatever time it is wherever you are in the world right now hello and welcome, thank you so much for taking to come and join with me.

My name is Paul Barrs.

Today in our YouTube video update we will be talking about video. Yeah this stuff. Why you should be using video in your business and how you can use it to make more money to generate more leads and more sales online. It’s a pretty easy topic. If you’re ready grab your pen and paper, take couple of notes. I’ve got just a few points for you.

First and foremostly we love using video, because people love watching video.

successful-happy-business-peopleIt’s often easier to convey a messaging video, more information, faster and more effectively to our audience which are our customers, when we do it in video rather than just in written word or infographic or some other form of media.

Now, on that I should say when it comes to video, does that mean you have to have a video with you ‘Hello’ looking in the camera, like I am today? Do you have to do video like that? No. You absolutely do not. There are many many ways of doing video, and you’ll see them here on my YouTube channel. Sometimes I do slides, sometimes I do photographic, beautiful funny things, where they scroll around the screen. I don’t know the technical word for it, Doesn’t really matter is it? Other times I get on the video and sometimes I just talk and get serious, and we do things like this. Other times I get crazy.

And I get people engaged and they go whoo. Yeah. Let’s go have fun.

Whatever it is you need to find your way of doing video and making it work for you for your business.

Now on that, how do we decide what is the best way for doing video for our business?

Who do you think we should ask such a question? I believe the answer is very simple we should ask our customers. Now I’ve been doing this, online myself now for over 15 years. In that time I have learned from talking to hundreds, thousands of my costumers, they love to see my face. I don’t know why. I seriously don’t know why but they do. Look it could be anybody’s face it really wouldn’t matter that much, but it’s nice just to have a person to talk to and of course I am the face of my own business at Paul Barrs Publishing.

Now here’s the thing, I also have many, many customers, who sometimes like to have me go a little deeper, and I might do a powerpoint slide show. Where I just sit behind the microphone and record with bullet points and follow those through. You see right now I’m just going off the top of my head I have a couple of points in mind, that I’m talking about them and just seeing what comes to pass. But when you do a more detailed presentation, such as you might do for product description, product benefits, features, advantages, benefits. You know, those types of things if you’re trying to sell something. If you’re doing something more detailed and providing a more deeper level of information, then of course its much easier, more beneficial, to get behind the microphone and do a slideshow presentation.

So there’s some of the different ways you can actually do video. So number one we love to do and use video for our businesses because it’s probably true most of our customers love to watch video. How do we know for absolute certainty? Well, at this point in time as I record this website, what’s the number one search engine in the world? Google.

What’s the number two search engine in the world? YouTube.

On-Page-SEO TechniquesWith millions upon millions of views each and every day, in your industry, most probably. There’s a damn good chance people want to watch and hear about what you’ve got. So that’s the first reason.

Number two is there’s a great advantage when it comes to video say on YouTube for example, that you also place on your website with a transcript of what you’re talking about. Because it’s true that not everybody likes video. I know that. Some people do like to read, they can speed read, as we all do in groups or clusters of words, even paragraphs and we scan through, looking for headlines, to find something interesting.

Now if it’s just a video, little difficult to do that, but if you have a transcript on your website it’s good solid content for the search engines to index. It meets the needs of the greater proportion of people who do like video, but it also meets the needs of those who aren’t fussed and would prefer to read, maybe watch the video later. Can you see the benefit of that? It works in both ways, so that’s another powerful reason to use video in your business. Have it setup on the video server somewhere where people can get access to it.

But number two embed that into your website. Perhaps a blog or a page wherever is most appropriate for your customers. Then get a transcript of that video and then add that content to your website as well. Of course that’s wonderful content but you could also use for many other different things such as… letting that truck go past… That’s a good reason. Hey who says that these things need to be super professional, right?

Now, all right I’m going to pause for one second, and I’m not going to edit this out. Videos for your business it depends on who your customer is, as to what level of professionalism you need to offer. Now I just have a white screen behind me. This, I don’t know, cost $100 or something off eBay. Had it delivered I got a couple of little lights around. I haven’t gone with the full professional thing. Because most of my customers are small businesses who are getting up and running. Who want to know, ‘Is it possible to do this without having to spend a huge bunch of money?’ Now of course there are other videos which I have done in the studio. I’ve been to the TV studio, I’ve been to the radio studio when I’ve been doing recording. We have here on the sunshine coast a professional recording studio just for YouTube videos all right. I’ll give them a shout out right now. The Vlog Pod, and a great business model that they have.

There are times when I will need to go there. But at this point of time and for this video, no. It depends on you. It depends on my customers. So back to where we were. Okay.

Creating great content for our websites, which we can use in many different formats.

idea-manWhy not create a series of four or five videos on the same topic and then get the transcripts and put together a PDF eBook for example, a free giveaway. So people could read the book or download the videos in exchange for a name and email address. Something like that. Videos are a powerful add on to just the standard norm.

And there’s one other reason why I believe videos are incredibly beneficial to your business and that is this. If you have a good video and develop a good channel and you optimise that video with a good title and a good description, and I guess yes, now more so content in the video as well it’s awesome for search engines. I have a number of different videos which appear first page in search engine results. Someone goes to look for something. Bang. There it is it shows up straight away. Now that is an incredible reason. That one alone is a great reason why you should have video in your business.

So there’s three points to consider. I hope you’ll give them serious and careful thought if you’re not yet using video in your business.

Until next time enjoy the week. Have a fantastic day.

My name is Paul Barrs from, internet business training. That’s what I do, stop by. Have a look. Subscribe to my free newsletter and download my latest report.

I look forward to seeing you then. Bye bye.

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