Using Alexa For Better SEO

Using Alexa For Better SEO

Web business is so competitive these days. If you own a website or a blog-especially if you earn a living out of it- you can’t just sit back and let your rivals take away your business. The math is easy, more traffic means more success. Alexa is a web matrix provider that can help you analyze and optimize your website.

You can use it to know traffic stats, search engine rankings, and also get an audit done to improve your website’s SEO. Keywords and back links play a very important role in establishing your website. Choosing the right keywords and creating sufficient back links can boost your search engine rankings. Alexa also has a free toolbar, which is a powerful tool for locating important keywords and quality back links. Let’s see how it works.

Alexa toolbar for locating keywords

If you’re new to the web business and finding it difficult to establish your website, there are two things that you should always keep in mind: play by the rule book and follow the leaders. It is the basics to a successful web-based entity. Alexa allows you to peak in successful websites and find keywords that are driving their success.

Download the free Alexa toolbar; it works with almost all browsers including Chrome and Firefox. Now, the next time you visit a website for reference, right click on the Alexa logo and select keywords. This will open a new window consisting of all the keywords deriving traffic to the website- starting from the most searched.

Pick the best and most relevant to your website’s subject and use them smartly in your content. Alternatively, you can also visit Alexa homepage and enter the URL of any website to get keywords along with other useful information.

Alexa toolbar for creating back links

Well, the rule book says, it’s important to have a good number of back links to your website build over time to get higher search engine rankings; but building back links can be a real pain in the rear. This is where Alexa can be very helpful. Using Alexa, you can dig out the best back links embedded in search engines’ most favorite websites.

Once you have the source, all you have to do is replicate those links to create great back links for your website without any hassle. This way, there’s nothing your competitors can hide from you.

Alexa site audit

Site audit offered by Alexa is a premium service but it’s worth your money. This service conducts an extensive analysis of your website, covering all aspects of an effective SEO. Post-analysis, you are given a detailed report including information on all misfiring and errors including content plagiarism, duplicate Meta tags, broken links, anchor texts, redirects, page not found, and long URL’s.

It also calculates the page loading time since it’s now a search engine ranking parameter included by Google. The Alexa site audit can evaluate as much as 10,000 pages of a website. Even if you have fewer pages on your website, it’s totally worth it. My advice, take a single report audit and if you’re impressed, you’re free to invest more.

Alexa is a powerful tool for successful SEO. I understand if you’re dicey about using its premium services, but there’s no reason why you should not downloading the free toolbar. Nonetheless, you can always keep an eye on your competitors. If they are accumulating huge wealth, there’s absolutely no harm in being a copycat.

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