Local SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 4)

Local SEO (5 Different Types of SEO Pt 4)

There are 5 major areas of SEO. If you focus on these before anything else, you can get solid results, fast from your SEO efforts. The fourth is your Local SEO.

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Hi there, folks. My name is Paul Barrs from paulbarrs.com. Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Now, I’m running a short series on the most important things you can do to improve the SEO results of your website. And in this video, number four, we’re looking at local SEO.

Now, getting ranked for local search results is really quite difficult, particularly if you have a lot of competition. I’m doing some work for a client at the moment, a carpet-cleaning company, in one of the, I think it’s the third largest city here in Australia, and the competition. We’re talking hundreds upon hundreds of people competing for that same marketplace. So, here’s the approach that I’m making, very simply, and the results that we’re just starting to get now after a few months of doing work are astounding.

Number one, the on-page SEO across the site, making sure it focuses, from a content point of view, on their local market. That’s number one, on the overall.

Number two, the on-page SEO from an individual suburban marketplace, also incredibly important. So, that’s your localities, or your regions, or your overall suburbs, and the council municipalities, and so on. Very, very important.

And then, now that that has been done, most important of all is the NAPs, the N-A-Ps, name, addresses, and phone number, not just as it appears on their website, but as it appears on, obviously, their Google business website, but also on the local search directories across the country, and this is something which takes an awful lot of time to do. And now we’ve been able to submit to over 100 of such business directories, big and small, and make sure, this is important, that their name, that their address, that their phone number is identical on all of these because not all of them give you a link back to your website.

So, these are the three most important things, and you’ve probably heard of them, so let me throw in one more, schema markup. Now, we talked about this in the technical SEO video last week, and looking at it, there are, if you go to schema.org, there are specific codes that you can add to your website, from a business point of view, that will help you appear better in search. So, those first three, they can get you ranked better in search. Number four helps you appear better in search. They work together. Can you see that?

So, these are my best tips. Where am I at now, after, I don’t know, I think we’re at four and a half months since I began on a brand-new website for a local carpet-cleaning company? We have, I believe, around 20 to 25 of our targeted search terms currently now creeping up into page two, just starting to tip over into page one, and I’m about halfway through my plan on a six-month, seven-month plan for this particular client. So, I’m expecting those 20-something to now start crawling, also, up into page one. Remember, brand-new website.

This is the strategy that I have followed and will continue to follow for this particular client. Why? Not only because I believe it works, two, because I’m now seeing that it works, which, three means, I know that it works. So, I suggest that you look at doing the same thing. Those four different items, one, two, three, four, apply them to your own website, as well.

So, that’s local SEO. We’ll continue on, next video, start to wrap this little short series up. Thank you very much. My name is Paul Barrs from paulbarrs.com. Talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.