Is SEO Really Dead?

Is SEO Really Dead?

I’ve been saying this for a long time, we shouldn’t try to build false SEO rankings! I for one am GLAD that Google is now de-indexing these crappy sites. The following is an email I got this morning from my good friend (and SEO link building expert) Joe Finn.

– Paul.

I’ve received emails from several well known IMers stating SEO is dead. This was probably prompted by the recent announcement from the Build My Rank network (BMR) that they are closing down. That in turn is because BMR got de-indexed by Google this week.

And Google is now targeting the ALN (authority link network) that has had 25% of its sites de-indexed so far. Rumors are that LinkVana could be the next target.

This has a lot of people worried, because they have been depending on these networks for their site rankings. As I’ve always said, using private blog networks is a BIG mistake, exactly because they provide a very easy target for big-G. But really, this does not mean SEO is dead. It just means blog networks and other private networks are dead. Big difference.

So what SHOULD you do?

First of all, don’t panic.

Second, make sure you are doing these three things:

1- You need good content on your site & on-site SEO 2- You need to have good backlink diversity 3- You need “social signals” to tell Google your site is popular

I will keep sending you information about the current best practices in SEO, what to do and what to avoid, any tips and tricks, etc.,


Every so often I will recommend products designed to help with these three aspects of SEO. Please pay attention to these recommendations — I only send you email about products that I have read, and that I know will work.

Lastly, topics — I will do my best to answer your questions and make my emails to you both relevant and actionable.

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