Is SEO Dead?


Is SEO Dead?

No, SEO isn’t dead, and I disagree with the title of this infographic. However, the reason I publish it here is that the rest of the content is spot on a worthwhile read.

I think you’ll find that the title is a clever use of attention grabbing interest – the perfect outcome for any post / page title.

Here’s the thing…SEO isn’t dead, and it never will be, but it sure has changed!

The focus has to be away from keywords and more on topics; away from keyword density and more towards content strategy. The key to to being found in the SERPs these days come from a multi-prong attack – it begins with keywords, but that is only the foundation. Those keywords must guide you towards an overall topic that your visitors are interested in… then you deliver content in multiple formats to satisfy that interest.

Take a moment to enjoy this infographic… but don’t just read it through, pause on each point and ask yourself, “How could I apply this myself to make my online marketing better?”

– Paul


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