How to Get 1000 Subscribers for Your Blog in Just 7 Days

How to Get 1000 Subscribers for Your Blog in Just 7 Days


Blogging is of no use if you are not getting subscribers on a regular basis. Just blogging for fun is not going to make you money online. If you want to be successful as a blogger and earn good income then you have to get readership on a daily basis.

However, the question remains how you get lots of visitors or blog subscribers regularly. Well! If you have started, a new blog and looking for traffic then how do you pull the traffic. More traffic means more subscribers. But how?

After years of experience in blogging, I have found out ways from which you can generate a lot of traffic even if you are a newcomer. A blog only survives if it has a readership. So let us see how you can get at least 1000 subscribers in just 7 days.

Choose a Controversial Subject

I am assuming that you are starting a new blog or a website and you have to get at least 1000 subscribers in just 7 days. Therefore, first thing you have to do is choose a topic that is controversial and debated all over the Internet.

Actually choosing a topic for your blog does not matter, because you will always find out something interesting that is going on in every possible topic that you choose. Try to create blog posts which talks about things which people want to listen.

You can very much get inspired from the mainstream media. People will surely come to Internet for more information about a topic, which is trending in mainstream media. If you can give them more information through your blog every time then you are surely going to get more traffic.

Let us see what more you have to do?

Do a Series of Blog Posts

Now you have chosen a topic for your blog, next is to write a series of posts on that particular topic. One thing you have to keep in mind, which never breaks the flow or continuity of your blog posts.

Every time you write, a post must continue the discussion you left in the previous post. If you break the rhythm then visitors will lose interest in your blog and they would stop coming back.

Necessarily, you have to keep readers interested in the story that you are breaking in your blog. Therefore, write a series of blog posts on that particular topic.

Embed Famous Videos Related to the Topic

Still things are not over yet. You have to leverage the power of YouTube videos. Although there are many popular social media video websites, however YouTube is the only 800-pound gorilla. No one can beat it.

You have to embed most viewed videos in your every blog post that are relates to the controversial topic you are writing. You will always find such videos on YouTube, which are controversial. You must try to embed videos that are newly uploaded.

People enjoy to watch videos which are controversial and especially when they can find right on your blog post. Moreover, search engines love to pull famous videos in their search results.

Therefore, always embed famous videos in every blog post.

Web 2.0 Websites

Next step to get more readerships would be bookmarking or tagging famous Web 2.0 websites. I am as a blogger always suggest sharing every blog post to Web 2.0 websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

This will certainly help to spread a word about your controversial blog. Please remember controversial things on social media go viral very fast. People would like to know more about this topic and you can offer them.

Therefore, never underestimate power of social media.

Designing the Content

Last thing you can do is design your content in a way that it never allows readers to leave your website. In other words, you should offer all blog posts related to that particular controversy.

In the body of your post, give all possible links through anchor text to other related blog posts. You should also give titles of all related posts at the bottom of your blog.

In other words, you must take your readers for a ride. They must visit every possible blog post in that particular topic.

Thus, design your content, which gives exposure to all blog posts in that series.


Finally, I will conclude by saying that you can get 1000 subscribers for your blog in just 7 days. I discussed them above, here are the main points.

  1. Choose a Controversial Subject
  2. Do a Series of Blog Posts
  3. Embed Famous Videos Related to the Topic
  4. Bookmark Web 2.0 Websites
  5. Designing the Content