Facts about Auto-Blog Commenting

Facts about Auto-Blog Commenting

Fact # 1: Comment posting for getting backlinks WORKS. Period. You just have to be careful on how you proceed with it. Read below for instructions.

[Side Note: Even though, without doubt the EASIEST WAY to do this is with auto-posting ‘blog commenting’ software, I have to point out that I DO NOT USE such programs and hate them with a passion. I believe in offering QUALITY at all points in your business, never spam crap. However, I know that some people are still going to do this so you may as well know the “rules” to help you get by.]

Fact # 2: Comments that are not related 100% to the content of a blog post are always considered to be spam. So please please, PLEASE only target related blogs to your niche or industry.

Fact # 3: Even then when you post comments to various blogs online IN MASS then *SOME* of the comments will STAY there and won’t be deleted. Why? Because it’s the name of the game. There are blogs that have been created for allowing such posts only for giving the impression of high traffic to search engines.

Fact # 4: NEVER (repeat NEVER) use a link that will direct people to YOUR SITE in a direct way (especially never to your money site). Why? Because IF there is always a chance that your site will be marked as a spam blog then it will never get it’s link juice again and the whole process won’t work at all.

What to do instead: Create a virtual property instead; create a lens at Squidoo.com or a blog at wordpress.com with a targeted unique article that has a strong call to action back to your site and then link that *to* your main site, blog, money site etc. Then use THAT ‘virtual’ address when posting comments in mass.

Fact # 5: EVER (repeat NEVER) use your primary email address for automated blog commenting as well. Some anti “comment spam” plugins will track and ban you by email address, which means if your main email address gets canned you won’t even be able to post a legitimate comment on a blog that you like.

In conclusion:

Understand this fact… auto-blog commenting is SPAM. No ifs, no buts, no exceptions. When ever you post a comment via some auto-posting software and you haven’t taken the time to read the post and post something useful about it – this is spam.

My best advice is that you choose half a dozen good traffic blogs and post comments regularly to them. Interact with other commenters and interact with the owners. The kind of quality traffic this will bring you is far more profitable than the random traffic generated through some virtual link posted randomly on tens of thousands of most likely unrelated and seriously low-traffic blogs. Screw the “link juice”.. always look to good quality referral traffic if you want to make money selling products and building a long-term profitable online business.

Paul Barrs

PS. I’d love to hear *your* comments on this topic  🙂