Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs with Catherine Molloy

Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs with Catherine Molloy

Body language can make or break our efforts to establish long, trusting relationships. Our body language can help to reinforce and add credibility to what we say, or it can contradict our words. Understanding what signals you are sending, as well as being able to read the signals that your clients send, is an essential skill in sales and throughout our lives.

On February 4th 2017, Catherine Molloy will reveal and expand upon your current knowledge of the business of body language. Catherine engages audiences nationally and internationally to be conscious in their communication style, and encourages the participants through interactive activities.

Catherine Molloy has 25 years of experience and is a qualified Communications Expert and Keynote Speaker who specialises in business growth, communication, sales, service and conscious leadership. She holds a Masters in Neuro-linguistic Programming and is a Body Language master communicator and a qualified DISC presenter.

Event details:
Date: Saturday 4th February 2017
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Dress Code: Business casual or smart casual

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