The Top 21 eBook Websites

The Top 21 eBook Websites

Ever thought about writing your own eBook? Not sure what you should do next? Here’s a simple list to the top eBook publishing websites that you can post your brand new ebook to. Most are free, some offer a ‘fee’ based alternative – but the crucial thing is that together, they *will* bring you traffic. A couple of points though…

Quick eBook Publishing Rules:

  • Only submit ORIGINAL CONTENT
  • Always read the sites rules (terms and conditions).
  • Never try to game the system. Follow the guidelines and you’ll get the results.
  • While it’s not essential that you “write” your eBook (ghost writers have been around for decades), you should
  • ALWAYS write the outline for your writer to follow.
  • A good example outline is Title, Chapters and sub-headline for each chapter. Your writer fills in the blanks. This is the easiest way to ensure the content written for you is original.
  • If you *do* hire a 3rd party writer always run their words by Copyscape to be 100% confident of originality.
  • Shortcuts lead to problems (such as having your eBook removed and you banned from the eBook directory sites).
  • NEVER use PLR to submit to eBook directory sites.
  • Lastly… if you are likely to publish more than ‘one’ book, after you’re set up the original ‘account’ with the eBook publisher, use a VA to submit future publications to save yourself bucket loads of time!

eBook Publishing Websites:

And a few ‘Document Sharing Sites’:

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