To Summarise or Not to Summarise your RSS Feed

To Summarise or Not to Summarise your RSS Feed

A quick question from Paul Barrs…

And yes, before anyone in the US asks… We spell summarize with an ‘S’ in Australia…  “Summarise” 🙂

So here’s my question: I use Feedburner to process my site feed and deliver it to my feed subscribers (some by email others by RSS). Over the last week I’ve sent some out FULL TEXT others just a SUMMARY. Feedburner gives you the choice.

Now, personally I’d rather send you the summar and have you click on the feed title to then stop back at to read the full article 🙂 But as a feed subscriber to half a dozen *other* website feeds, I prefer the Full Text so I can read it right there and then – if I want to make a comment, *then* I’ll visit the site and comment.

What do YOU want?

You’re reading this now because you’ve either (1) visited my website and are reading it online or (2) are reading it as a subscriber. Either way, YOUR OPINION is more important to me and what I do with this website than my opinion.

What do YOU PREFER? Full text in the RSS or eMail or just a SUMMARY?

Please LEAVE A COMMENT here to let me know (and feed subscribers will have to come back the site to leave a comment). I really want to know what you preference is.


Paul Barrs