Keeping it Fresh

Keeping it Fresh

When I first started publishing online I did my very best to AUTOMATE everything; my newsletters, my follow ups, my sales processes – everything. And it worked too, my business grew and grew and my customer base went from hundreds into thousands. It was all great; but –

I lost touch with them.

Because I spent so much time ‘automating’ everything, I lost that most important element… one on one contact.

And here’s the thing; yes, you CAN and SHOULD automate as many things in your online business as you possibly can.

*Except your Newsletter
* Except your Blog.

These two things represent the two most powerful online tools you have access to; they give you the ability to COMMUNICATE with your customers in the NOW.

EG. Right NOW among the leading ‘tech’ news stories online is a story about the mother of a deceased son who is trying to access his Facebook page so that she can build some new memories of him (from his eyes), but is being blocked every step of the way by the Corporate Paperwork Push saying “it’s against their privacy policy”.

That story isn’t highly relevant to my newsletter – but it was the best I could find to illustrate a point….

What if there WAS something “newsworthy” in your industry or your business that you wanted to or were qualified to ‘comment’ on… NOW?

Should you just post it to Facebook? Send a link via Twitter? No!

You should write a full commentary and post it to your Blog as well as (at minimum) a link to it in your eNewsletter. If your webmaster has set things up right, your Blog will post a summary of it automatically to Facebook / Twitter / Linked etc and you’ll be able engage your people wherever they are.

But the POINT is this – Google LOVES fresh new CONTENT!

Every single thing of any substance that you write should FIRST go on your Blog to build the stature of your website.

Remember this; it’s great for SEO and great for your customers.

Paul Barrs