What is and what isn’t Good Quality Content?

What is and what isn’t Good Quality Content?

How do you determine what is and what isn’t “Quality Content”.

by Paul Barrs

Following is a post I made on an Online marketing forum recently. The topic and replies where all around the question of “What is quality content in an article?” It’s a worthwhile question, and one that all new online business people must ask – and answer.

Here are my thoughts.


The debate goes on about how to write and present your Online content:

Should we write ourselves?
Should we use PLR?
Should we hire a ghost writer?
Should we use article from ten years ago?
Should we spin our articles and blast them out everywhere?

Let me ask you a question – Are your articles such total crap that they are not worth reading the way they were written the first time?


By now you’ve guessed that I don’t advocate spinning of *any* content. I also believe that the BEST CONTENT is original content.

My advice after ten years making a full time income from this IM thing to all Newbies is go for quality, not quantity – build your reputation steadily and carefully with a ‘ten year’ focus and people will come to follow you.

So write a good quality article and then submit it to your own website / Blog along with the primary directories.

* If it’s good enough to target worthwhile search key criteria, then it will get found.
* If it’s good enough to fit a readers criteria then it will get read.
* If it’s compelling enough to warrant further investigation, then your link will get clicked.
* If they like you, they’ll subscribe to something you offer.
* If they like what you provide they’ll hang around to see what else you can offer.
* If they like what you offer, they’ll respond to you when you ask them what they want.

*** If you ask them what they want, and then give it to them – they’ll buy it from you – because they trust you.

Why do they trust you?

Because way back when you write the first article they read from you, you wrote it to them – not to a search engine robot.

– Paul Barrs

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[Sidebar: If you didn’t already know it, QUALITY CONTENT IS KING on any web page]


when was the last time you met someone who had just invested half a million to start his own business and his goal was only to ‘give it a go’ for a few months?

Or how many people do you know who get into business and plan to use the most borderline (so called black hat) marketing strategies they can get their hands on?

We’d call those people idiots!

My favourite one is how many people do we know who start a business and take advice from some guy or girl whose only been at it themselves a year or two.


Yet that’s what newbie IMers do. Crazy.


How do I define quality content? Hmmm. I’ll use ‘articles’ as an example –

1. Originally content. That doesn’t mean it’s an original idea, it’s just original when you first publish it.

2. Not ‘spun’ or written by a computer program. Allow me to point out here that there is nothing wrong with re-writing an article by hand and submitting it to different places, it’s just a pointless waste of time. But allowing some program to spin and write for you is a capital no-no.

3. RELEVANT RELEVANT RELEVANT to the website / Blog / whatever where it’s published.

4. One that has more than the obligatory “400 words.” However, let me contradict that as well… someone once asked me, “How long should a good article be?” My answer was “As long as it takes to get the point of it across.” That means it may be 401 words… it may also be 956… or 287 – whatever.

5. An article that is written for people first, search engines second. (See above point)

6. An article that answers the question that the reader / website visitor has.

So, my question is… does that answer yours?

– Paul