Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging tips for beginners. Where to start? Big topic. Yes? But an easy one, if you begin where we should begin, at the beginning.

Right now, as I write this, or perhaps I should say as I record this, I’m sitting back in my office comfortably, in the office chair, high back, head resting, I have my laptop open in front of me and a web page which has a top 10 list, blogging for beginners, these types of things. I also have a microphone in front of me.

I’m not actually writing this today. I’m recording this. Then I will send the recording to a company, such as, who will transcribe that recording, which becomes my blog post.

Why? Why would I make this the number one thing I mention when I’m talking about blogging tips for beginners? Simply this – it needs to be easy to do.

Now, I’m just taking my time as I speak. I’m not speaking too fast, just as I cannot type too fast. But I choose to speak because it’s faster. For me, it’s easier, and it’s simple to have someone transcribe it.

Tip # 1.

Sound like a good idea? So there’s your first tip. You don’t have to write every single time. Now, writing is good, but sometimes we don’t know what to write about. So sometimes I record. Other times, I also do video again and get transcriptions of those, also from Speechpad. Great service and a great idea.

But here’s the thing. Before we begin, we must be able to define our goals, to know whom it is that we are blogging for. Who is our readership? Who is your readership? Now, if you don’t have one yet, well who would you like to be your readership? Make sense? Good.

Here’s the thing. My business readers are small business/home business owners, who want to learn how to improve and get better results online. So that’s my goal today, as I write/record this. I’m hoping you learn faster, better ways for blogging.

Once you’ve defined your goals and you really know what your outcome is, then you can continue. Of course, you do this by knowing your audience.

man_with_laptopNow, here’s the thing. Why do I choose to record sometimes rather than write? Well, I do it because I want to be consistent, and that’s an important point. By being consistent, I can do it more often, get more content on my website, and this will take me no more than 7 or 8 minutes to record, which would probably take me 20 minutes to write. Recording for me is easier.

Attraction is the KEY.

It’s also important that you make your blog attractive, inviting, engaging. You see, a blog, which is just information (yawn) it’s not that interesting. But if you can make it an article with maybe an opinion of some sort, fantastic. See, I think bloggers who just do article marketing online, that’s boring. I’m not interested in that one little bit, and I’ve learned neither are my customers because so many other people do it.

So I want to be able to make my blogs a bit different – sometimes written, sometimes an audio podcast, sometimes a video. Really, when I do that, I’m just increasing my visibility. I’m building my profile. I’m taking risks really, and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. I’m encouraging those who come to my blog to engage, to discuss, and to learn more. Sounds like a good idea? Fantastic.

If you’re going to start blogging, well, you’re a beginner. So the best blogging tips I can give you as a beginner is, number one, that you know who you’re blogging for. Number two, that you know how you’re going to blog – written, audio, or video. I would suggest, number three, that you do all of the above. Does that make sense? Because that way, you can engage your audience in more ways.

Now, here’s a good little tip. I strongly suggest that everything you do online building your profile begins at your blog. If you have a YouTube channel, such as I do, then you also syndicate that content with your blog, a video, and a transcript. Of course, the video goes on YouTube. If you have a Facebook business page and if you’re blogging for business, then you certainly should have, then everything that you blog gets posted to your Facebook business page. There are many services that can do that. I use Networked Blogs to make that happen.

customer-connectionsThe same with Twitter. The same with LinkedIn or Google+. It’s important that you syndicate your content. You see, I’m recording this now, of course writing it for you. It will be syndicated across all these different networks. It’s going to take me six, seven, eight minutes, and yet it will be published right around the globe in many different formats.

Here’s another good tip for Bloggers…

Let me just finish off with this one. Tips, blogging for beginners, sure. But I don’t want you to stay a beginner. I’d like you to move to the advanced really quickly. Here’s what I suggest. Create for yourself half a dozen or perhaps a few more blog posts on a similar topic. You do them in either audio or video or written, and you have them syndicated across all these different areas. Then, what?

You take those half a dozen or so on a particular topic, and you then create a PDF special report from them. The content is out there. It’s free already, so you package it up, and you then share that PDF on document sharing websites. How’s that for a great idea? Because then with your PDF, which has your brand, your business name mentioned, and links back to your website, you’re still doing what? You’re building your profile, and that’s what it’s all about.

When People “Follow You” they will Buy From You.

People think that blogging and that websites are all about direct response. Well yes, some of them are. But better so, for long-term success, you should focus on building your profile, because then you’ll develop a following. The people who follow you will buy from you. It’s that simple. That’s the way online business works. Why? Because that’s the way people work. We buy from those whom we trust. It could be a joint venture referral. It could be through an affiliate program. It could be exactly what we’re looking for, but 9 times out of 10, it’s because we trust them.

When you’re out there looking for blogging tips for beginners, I’m going to suggest that you stop thinking of yourself as a beginner and look for blogging strategies for the advanced business marketer, something like that. Think of yourself a little further ahead, and you’ll get there really, really quickly. I promise.

My name is Paul Barrs. Thank you for joining me for this quick audio, and I’ll talk / write again real soon.

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