A Simple Guide To Info Product Creation

A Simple Guide To Info Product Creation

In this article, you’ll find 2 simple strategies to help you get started with your information based products to ensure that they’ll sell like hotcakes online.

#1 – Choose your niche wisely. The process would always start by choosing your niche. There are two things that you need to consider when doing this. First, it must be aligned to your passion or areas of interest and second, it must be something that people would want and spend their money on. It’s important that you like and enjoy talking about your niche it’s because you’ll be talking about it on your eBooks, CD series, seminars, etc. over and over again.

Obviously, it’s also important to ensure that it’s something that is marketable and sellable. After all, your main goal here is to make profit, right? Start small. A lot of people who have started with their information business were not able to finish their first info product. The most common reason is because they were trying to bite more than what they can chew. To save you from getting stuck early in the process, I suggest that you start with low-end products like short eBooks, reports, and newsletters. These are way easier to create compare to CD series and teleseminars. Create your sales page. It’s okay to create your sales page even before you start writing your eBooks.

This would actually help in making the process of creating your info product a lot easier. List down the benefits that your target audience can expect to get and prepare a list of ideas that you’re going to cover. I suggest that you read the sales pages of successful information marketers to get an idea. You’ll need to make this page compelling and punchy so it’ll convert. Think of your prospects. Start writing your eBooks, newsletters, or reports while keeping your prospects in mind. You would want to give them the kind of information and or statistics that they’re looking for. Don’t assume that they know some things about your chosen topics and just give them complete information. You would want to help them increase their knowledge on your niche, help them solve their problems, or help them realize their goals. Remember, you would want these people to buy your eBooks and later on, come back for your other info products so ensure that you impress them.

#2 – Create more products. Using your eBooks, newsletters, and reports as foundation, create middle-end and high-end products like CD and DVD series, webinars, teleseminars, and coaching programs. Just remember, the more you charge, the more in-depth information you need to give out. Ask for feedback. It would be nice to look at the products you’ve created through the eyes of other people so you’ll see their flaws or the things that you need to improve on. Make the needed revision/ improvements before you sell your products online.

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– Sean R Mize

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