8 Things to Remember When Hiring a Copywriter

8 Things to Remember When Hiring a Copywriter

Those who want to make money online frequently find themselves in the land of internet marketing. They’ll either find themselves selling something online or freelancing for someone that does. Should you fit into the former category, there’s one freelance service that you’re going to want to take advantage of, copywriting.

If you’re in need of some clever words to boost your conversions, my first piece of advice is not to take on the job yourself. There’s a reason the professionals charge so much, few people can convert like they do. My second piece of advice is to choose your copywriter carefully. Not only does the quality on offer vary, but that quality can make or break your sales figures.

If you are looking for a copywriter that can turn your product into a bestseller, it’s therefore worth your while being patient. It’s also worth your while knowing what to look for. Here are eight tips that should help you in your search.

Know What You Want

Don’t be one of the many helpless clients that the average copywriter has to deal with. Certain questions need to be answered and those answers need to come from you. Who is your target audience? Do you want them to buy your product or take a trial? Why should they choose your product over your competitors’?

Set Realistic Deadlines

When you have a product ready to sell, it’s only natural to want to bring it to market as soon as possible. Unfortunately however, great copy takes time. If you ask a copywriter to rush something, in many cases they will agree to do so (for a fee). But if you want top quality copy, you need to be willing to wait for it. Considering the difference in future conversion rates, you are always better off being patient.

The Medium Matters

There is a serious difference between web copy and print copy. And a talent for one doesn’t automatically mean a talent for the other. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a print copywriter for your web copywriting needs. Decide the medium you want and choose a copywriter with extensive experience writing for that medium.

Industry Specific Experience is Unnecessary

While experience writing for your chosen medium is essential, experience writing about your industry is not. A great copywriter can sell financial products just as easily as he can sell fruit. The same logic applies, the same skills are put to use. Don’t forget that most copywriters are well used to starting a new project completely in the dark. Learning about a product, the company that sells it and the industry in which that company operates is all part of the job.

Check References

Any copywriter can come up with a few killer samples. A long history of happy clients, on the other hand, is a whole lot harder to fake. Never hire a copywriter without references. And never hire a copywriter without checking the references that he provides. It takes ten minutes to check references. Fail to do so, and you run the risk of wasting weeks of your time with a sub par copywriter.

Always Use a Contract

Contracts are essential for two reasons. Not only do they protect you from those looking to take your money and run, they also avoid unnecessary arguments. Many copywriters charge extra for research, meetings and tighter than agreed deadlines. Get these stipulations in writing and both parties are ensured smooth sailing. Fail to do so, and it’s just a matter of time before disagreements occur.

Communication is Key

Communication is important when hiring any freelancer to work for you and copywriters are no exception. Even if you forget about the necessity to make sure that work is actually getting done, an open line of communication makes sure that misunderstandings are rectified and fast.

It’s also worth noting that mutual respect is essential when it comes to copywriter-client communications. Constructive criticism is often necessary and mutual respect goes a long way towards ensuring that it’s taken onboard.

Don’t Pay Peanuts

Finally, if you want designer clothes, you need to pay designer prices. Don’t pay peanuts and expect conversions. Decent copywriters make between fifty and a hundred and fifty dollars per hour. How can they charge such prices? Because killer copy is worth its weight in virtual gold.

Great copywriters will therefore always be in hot demand. And when you hire a copywriter that charges less, you are not getting a great copywriter. You are getting a copywriter that would like to charge more but can’t. Like many things in this world, if you want conversions, you need to be willing to pay for them.

Tom Koh is freelance writer and blogger. He has many posts about blogging and website promotion to his credit. Through his posts he advises about how to boost website hits and reduce bounce rate.