Quick Time Management Tips

Quick Time Management Tips

I don’t know about you, but I find that some days are busier than others. In fact, some days are so darn busy it’s almost overwhelming… know what I mean? Mind you, I’m not complaining because if I compare the two alternatives of (1) Not making enough money and not having enough to do, vs (2) Making good money and having plenty to do – I know which one I’d choose!

However, that doesn’t deter from the fact that if I’m really busy and I don’t have a good plan, I begin to stress out. Seriously. I’m the kind of guy that NEEDS time management. If I don’t have it, stuff just gets on top of me and I begin to shut down (hide in my hidey gold of ‘pretending to do stuff’) and not much gets done.

Here’s a few thoughts from my YouTube update last week. And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/paulbarrs

Paul: Good morning, good afternoon, maybe I should even say good evening.  Whatever time it is, wherever you are in the world right now,  hello and welcome. My name is Paul Barrs, and this is my YouTube update for the week.

I want to talk today, very quickly, about time management. I  have done an entire program on life planning, and another one on  time management, and all of that kind of thing, goal setting,  and so on. That is not what I want to be talking about today.  This one, as I said, very, very quickly, with just one tip that  you can use to improve your day. Simply, it is this little piece  of paper. This little piece of paper actually opens up, as you  can see here it is one a full piece of paper, which I have  folded into ‘things to do today’. Not quite sure how clearly you  can see that from the camera, but I will give you a link to this in just one moment. Very simply, I have created it for myself.

I have used the big, long pages, and the checklists. I got one on my phone, and I got another one on the computer, and I got  all of that stuff. I still use the one on the computer because I  just cannot remember everything, it is the day-by-day list. I  sit down each morning, I have a look through my to-do list, and  I write down no more than seven of the most important things.  Some days there is only three, I got four on this one, over here, yes, she is full with the seven. Some days I do not fill that out because some of these things might take a fair whack of  time to actually do. These are the most important got-to-do- today things. What I do is, every couple of days, I will just  print out another of of these, fold it up very quickly, write  the day, priority of things, and check them off as I go. It sits  right there next to me at the computer, so I can just quickly glance over and see what is coming up next.

The point of this is nothing more special than just having a to- do list. Yes, easy to do, no pun intended. The most important,  the value from having a to-do list is what it does for you. It  enables you to work mentally, because just as I know I am  working on step one right now, in my subconscious, I am already  preparing for two and three. As I move through step two, step  three, and so on, in my subconscious, I am preparing for four  and five and six. As I sit down and I have lunch and I think, ‘I  am a quarter of the way through my list today.’ I am thinking,  ‘How can I, maybe, do this a little bit better? These are the  most important things.’ I sit down each morning and say, ‘What  can I do myself? What can I outsource to my VO?’ This is the  thing about time management, we do not have to do it all  ourselves, but these, for me, are the tasks that I have to get through each day.

I am going to suggest to you that you come up with, for yourself, a very simple little system. Not even a system, just K- I-S-S, keep it simple. Keep it simple and silly, and stupid, it  has got to be easy. You know how it goes. So I will give you the  link to this here, just below in the video, and I strongly  suggest that you do create for yourself a checklist each day  that is achievable, manageable, and is something you can succeed  and have a little win every single day. When it comes down to  it, aside from the achieving of things themselves when it comes  to time management, it is having that little win every day that makes it worthwhile, does it not?

You have got a fantastic day, good morning, good afternoon, or a  good evening. Whatever time it is wherever you are in the world.  My name is Paul Barrs from PaulBarrs.com, Internet Business Training. I will talk to you again soon, bye.

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