The Perfect Customer

The Perfect Customer

If You’re Serious about Making Money Online then You Must Understand THIS!

When you came to this website you came here looking for something specific. Even if *you* didn’t know what it was, you came here because you were looking for something that will HELP you – help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

If I am to succeed as a website owner, it’s essential that I also understand *your* needs. If I don’t know what you’re after – how can I possibly give it to you?!

If you want to succeed online, you too must learn how to discover what your customers what… and then how to give it to them. I’d like to help you.

Are you My Perfect Customer?

This email came to me the other day from a new customer who found that what I offered what *exactly* what he was looking for. If you take a moment to read it, you will see – and know – if I can help you.

If you’re ready!

Hi Paul,

I know you are busy, but I wanted to write and thank you for your personal email, and give a little input on why I chose your training.

I have been online for many years now. I’ve tried to make money online here and there, in between offline activities.

I never really made anything worth mentioning. I built one website after another, and tore them back down again.

Over the years my problem has been the failure to maintain focus in one direction. Every time I would start of in one direction, another system or product promise would come along, and I would switch direction again. I have taken “Information Overload” to a new level. Thus I have never been successful.

After purchasing program after program and listening to every self-named guru I came into contact with, I am no further ahead than when I started. In fact I am actually further behind.

So we arrive at where I am today. The economical situation here in the U.S. is currently in decline. So much so, that my adult children have moved back in with my wife and I, in order to make it. Due to the number of people in my home, I am restricted to my bedroom with just a three year old laptop. I have little to no money to start with.

You may be wondering why I am telling you all this. Well the reason is, I have come to the point in my life, where I have decided to put the majority of what all the the so-called gurus have taught in a virtual trash can, and find one person I trust as a mentor and focus explicitly on what that person teaches me. So I scrapped my website again and started my search for that one person who could lead me in the right direction.

Well Paul, your that person. I have decided to make you, and you alone, my mentor.

I came upon you in a search for “free branded ebooks”, which eventually led me to the “Maximum Success University”. I was immediately impressed. You seemed so much more sincere than everyone else. So I started researching you, your business and your reputation. I was very pleased with what I found

So I signed up for and started reading your posts on Then I listened to your “PLR Profit Bonus” audio. After listening to the confidence, sincerity and trustworthiness you presented in that audio, along with the emphasis you put on always maintaining quality products and an excellent reputation, I knew you were the one to choose as my mentor.

So I registered for your “Maximum Success University” and have my eyes focused on the future. I have already started with the lessons. I am currently in the “Getting Started Online… Again” section. I have and am taking everything that you teach to heart. I wrote down my 90 day commitment and never watch a video or listen to an audio without making sure I have a pen and paper ready. I actually have to keep rewinding the lesson because I can’t write everything I want as fast as the lesson is going. I think that’s a good thing.

Just as you teach, I keep telling myself that if you did it, and if I follow what you teach, I can do it to.

I do have to tell you that right away you hit it spot on with my past experiences. You teach that a person should not wait to get more ready or hang on for the perfect moment to start. That is what I was always doing. I always wanted to make sure that I had everything just right before I really went live or started. Then before I knew it, another fail-proof money-making system or offer would come along, and I would put the previous venture on hold and lose my focus.

Thank you for all your hard work


Can you relate to any area of that letter? I know I can.

When I was just getting started out in Internet marketing, I was earning less than $300 a week packing shelves in a supermarket. I struggled for two and half years until someone handed me a step by step guide to making money online. Within less than 12-months I’d turned my dreams into a 6-figure Business.

I know you can do the same! All you need is a good coach, a step by step guide and the right program.

I can help you with that! That’s the REASON I’ve created the training programs that I have… to help YOU. Yo help you learn what you need to *do* to get results online.

No hype, no BS, no false promises.

And you can join with me whatever level that you’re comfortable with –

Whatever it is that you’re looking for… if you’ve been looking for some time without finding the answers (and your results should speak for themselves)… then stop. HERE you will find what you need.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Paul Barrs