When your house becomes a Quarantine Zone!

When your house becomes a Quarantine Zone!

I guess this goes under “General Business Training”, but seriously, it’s more common sense than anything – and right now I’m breaking the rule… When you work from home and you get sick you’re SUPPOSED TO take TIME OFF!

Duh. But you’d be surprised how many people do the exact opposite; they think that “they have to work or they won’t make money”, or some other tripe. Now the thing is, that may be true – and if so, then your business is ‘sicker’ than you. Our goal as business ‘owners’ is to own *the business*, not to let them *own us*.

So yes, right now I’ve got the dreaded “Lurgy”, the “Flu”, the “bug” or whatever you want to call it, and I’m just about to cancel all my appointments for the next 2 days. I”m doing it not because I’m so darn sick that I don’t believe I could talk to people (as long as they didn’t mind me coughing and hacking in their face!), but because if I were working for someone else, I’d be calling in sick for a few days.

You see, I figure it’s better to work productively than to make mistakes. And yes, when you’re not focused – chances are you’re going to make mistakes! Not to mention the fact that it’s bloody rude to pass on your feverish germs to others, so of course I shouldn’t be be seeing people.

But is just the “man flu”?

LOL. I don’t know whoever came up with this one but they their head read. Is it just ‘man flu’? No! It’s *the* flu. I don’t need to give you a blow by blow description of what colour mucus is pouring from my nose at the moment, or chugging out of my chest each time I cough – and lads, let me say that if you have some gypsie trying to tell you that you’re not really sick when you ARE sick, just show then your palm and say ‘talk to the hand’. Heck, it works for them doesn’t it.

Mind you – you better actually BE sick before you pull that stunt!

The point is this –

  • My Blog will continue to post its scheduled articles.
  • My email auto-responder will continue to send emails to new prospects.
  • My Business Training Membership site will still reveal it’s new drip-fed bonus content to students.
  • My VA will continue to format my new Traffic Training Video Coaching Program without my input.

All the while I’ll be kicking back with a hot cuppa soup and a movie. Why?

Because I took the time to SET UP my business well in advance. I understand that sometime the human body doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. So when it get messed up I give it time to heal.

How well structured is *your* business? Could you take a week off if you needed to? Are there “policies and procedures” in place to ensure the smooth running of operations without you around? If you’re a sole operator, have you done what you need to to keep the wheels turning?

A few years back I was incredibly ill. I had more tips to the hospital in the space of six months than I’d ever had in my lifetime before… but my business kept running. My auto-responders kept mailing and my membership site kept processing orders. All because I prepared in advance for days like this.

So while I go and put the jug on, I suggest that you go and look at your business plan as ask yourself… how can you make it better? 🙂

Paul Barrs