Website Basics – Please Stop Spending Money!

Website Basics – Please Stop Spending Money!

By Paul Barrs

PLEASE!!! Stop spending your money!

Does this seem a strange comment from someone who make a living Online *by* you spending your money? Well, yes… and no.

You see, the thing is, while I *do* want you to spend some money and buy something, what I DON’T want is for you to do this here, and then go and do that there and then go and do it somewhere else again, one after the other… and NEVER get around to actually DOING what you’ve been given the opportunity to do / learn / grow etc.

Let me explain…

Some time ago, not long after I’d first come back Online I met up with a local business owner who, like I had, wanted to be able to make some serious money via his website. I mean, we *all* do right? And so as we sat and sipped out coffees, he proceeded to tell me about all the packages, products and mentor programs he’d either been, or was still a part of.

What?? I couldn’t believe it, honestly. Not only had he purchased almost every ‘tool’ that was available out here, he was also a member of at least a dozen membership sites and had at one time fallen prey to the hypnotic ‘Guru Program’ sales process and invested tens of thousands!! O.M.G.

And have a guess how much money he’d made? Yeah, that’s right… not much!

Here’s the first bit of advice that I gave him… “PLEASE…. Stop spending your money!” I told him to go and cancel *every* single membership site and *every* reoccurring fee based program.

Why? Because he wasn’t *ready* for them. Now, I don’t mean he wasn’t *ready* to go out and do what needed to be done; he was. What I mean is that he wasn’t **ready**…. his internet mental programming wasn’t in a place where he actually *could* go out, take action, and get results.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many of us (I’d even go so far as to say… *most* of us. I’ve been subject to it also. When I came back Online in 2009 after a few years offline, I *thought* I could quite easily just jump back into things. But what I didn’t realise was that (because of illness) the internal workings of my mind were *not* ready. I mean, I knew I had a lot to learn. I knew I had many things to catch up on…. and so I went about doing things.

cash-cowI bought *this* eBook, I purchased *that* special report, I joined half a dozen monthly access programs – and before I knew it, I’d spent hundreds of dollars (and that was just in the first month). But here’s the kicker… I may well have now had access to the information that I needed to get up and running again, but –

– But, I had MORE MATERIAL than I could handle. It took me weeks, and not just weeks, but MONTHS to go through all the training that I had to go through!

Without even realising it, I’d crippled my mental abilities to fully function and overwhelmed them with … “More”. Because the thing is, the mind will *really* (most effectively) only focus on one thing at a time. Within just weeks, I’d trained my mind to focus on “more”.

– If I can just buy that, I’ll have what I need to make some more money….

– That site looks like it’s got something useful. I can make more with that….

– Wow, look at the price that he’s running this week. I bet that *that* will help….

Do me a favor will you; take a look around your hard drive and have a look to see just *how much* ‘marketing’ stuff you’ve got on there that you haven’t yet looked at, read, or fully studied. Chances are, you’ve got bucket loads.

So why aren’t you making bucket loads?? Because you’ve programmed yourself to think… “one more”.

Here’s a possible stop-fix: Instead of thinking that ‘just one more’ will make the difference, and that if you can ‘just buy / own / order *whatever*’ that you’ll finally be able to make more money…. why not go out and do it with what you’ve got?

Too many people think that “if they have this, have that” then they’ll be OK. To many people think “:I *need* this… I *need* that….” It’s a lie, and we’ve ALL fallen prey to it at some time.

Quick example; I be you think that you *need* a website to make money online right?

Wrong. You don’t. (And I’m out of time so I’ll have to talk about that another day).

It’s most likely that what you *think* you need, and what you*really* need, are two completely different things.

It’s not what you *have*, but what you THINK about what you have that makes the difference.

Stand by for more…

PS. When running your own small business and when taking it online, you must yourself be diligent to only *do* what you know you are good at (and able to do). Don’t try to learn it all. Don’t try to *do* in your business the same as I might do… that’s my job, just as your job is your job.