Why Having the BEST PRODUCT in the World Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Why Having the BEST PRODUCT in the World Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Have you ever wondered why no matter how good your product is, no matter how good your service is it’s just not selling as well as you want it to be? Well I’ve got some ideas for you today which will explain the problem and help you solve it to get better results online.

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My name is Paul Barrs from PaulBarrs.com. And normally when I do a video I have a little, few notes here behind the camera and just a list of bullet points. But not today. Today we’re talking about just one thing and that is to understand why it is that even having the best possible product in the world doesn’t guarantee you success.

I mean we hear it all the time, don’t we, “I’ve got this great idea!” ‘Hey Paul, I’ve got this brilliant idea.” And I’ll talk to business owners and they’ll tell me about their product and their model and their shipping and their service and whatever it is and how unique it is and they’re just not making money. They’re just not getting it out there. Why is it that some do and most don’t?

Well, as I think more about this and give considered thought to the truth behind the matter here it is, having the best product in the world means nothing really when it comes to deciding the factor of how many will purchase that product or service. Let me just say that again, maybe rephrase it – you can have the best possible product in the world and it has no bearing whatsoever on how many people will purchase that product.

Alright now you might be thinking, “Hey this guy’s a little bit crazy. He could be, you know, smoking a bit of weed here. He’s on something because I’ve got the best product. I’ve got an amazing product. I just need to tell people about it.”

Yes. But think about this for just one moment, how many people do you know or maybe have you heard of, have purchased something and it was crap. I mean, it was just rubbish. And my hand goes up I’ve done once or twice myself. I thought to myself, “That looks like it’s a really good idea or that’s a great product I’m gonna buy me one of those.” And it’s just – trash.

But let’s think about this another way, how many time have you heard of or maybe through media, social media, wherever, perhaps even a friend or yourself, you put money into something only to find out it was a scam. Now, we’ve all heard of this happening haven’t we? Now that’s not even crap product, it’s illegal. It’s horrible. There’s no way in hell are you gonna get your money back but people get ripped off time and time and time again. Probably these people are making more money than you. Why?

Is it because it’s the best product in the world? No, it’s not! It’s because people think it is. Let’s pause there one moment. Give consideration to this: the topic of today’s video, Why haven’t the best products in the world doesn’t guarantee you success? Because it doesn’t matter how damn good your product actually is, it matters how good people think it is before they buy it. The thing is, no one really, we don’t actually get to try the whole thing out. We don’t get to but the whole product, sorry see it, before we buy it – do we? No! We go out a little bit on faith. We read about the product, we look at information about the service, we hear what others have got to say about it and then on faith we make a decision to buy, to purchase, to obtain, to acquire whatever it may be then it becomes ours.

And here’s the thing, if it’s a crap product the refund rate is going to be high and that can destroy a business. But the quality of the product has no bearing whatever on the sales value of the product. That’s all on perception, perceived value. Will I get my money’s worth? Will my expectations be met? Will it do for me what I want it to do? Do you understand the difference? I’m talking about perception and reality. In the world of marketing they have nothing to do with each other.

So, here’s my thought for the day. One thought just for you. If you are finding that your product sales, that your service, whatever it is that you offer, if you’re not selling enough people aren’t coming, people aren’t buying well I guess it comes down to maybe two different things. Number one, you’re not getting enough of the right people to come and have a look. Yeah that’s important. So assuming that you are, you’re getting people to the sales or information page on your website and you’re just not selling the volume the volume that you want.

What’s the problem? Is it the product? No. It’s their perception of the product. Because your sales copy, because your words and images and videos and audios and whatever in that sales process hasn’t built it up enough that they are gonna go, “Woo! Wow, I want that!! I want that!” And that’s what you want them to do. Perceive awareness of that intrinsic value. That’s what you got to give before they buy it. And the of course once they do, you got to blow their minds. Make it so damn good they’re gonna go, “Really? I only paid a thousand dollars for this. Are you kidding me? Really? That was only 25 bucks that should be twice as much.” Whatever it is.

But my thought for the today, just one thought and we’ll finish up here. I want you to understand sales perception and reality nothing to do with each other. Nothing whatsoever. You need to make sure that the information, the sales copy on your website builds up that perception, makes it sound so great, so incredible, so awesome that they cannot help but buy it if that’s the kind of thing they’re looking for. Then the trick to staying in business is deliver a product even better.

Someone once told me the world of sales, two ways to go get creating a sales letter and this has to do with digital marketing online. This is a good thing to finish up with.

Number one was create the product and then just bang throw out this amazing sales letter and get people to buy. Number two is to write an amazing sales letter and then, oh my God, create an incredible product to back it up. You with me? Here’s the thing, one thing only, it’s all about perception. You got the great product – great! Who cares? If they don’t think it’s great it makes no difference whatsoever. And we’ll never know how good it is until after they purchased it. See you need to convey that message in the sales funnel leading up. Build your worth, build your value as a business, build your strength and thrive as a company or as an individual, whatever it might be – build it up.

So that when people go, “Hey John over there or Jenny, they’ve just released a new product that’s what I want to buy.” Because attached to them perception not reality.

Okay folks thank you very much for listening this week.

Take care and I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye.