Not all Subscribers Are Created Equal

Not all Subscribers Are Created Equal

The Question: How do I get my first subscribers on my list?

The Answer: I’m going to answer this a little differently, and rather than explain how I got my first subscribers (it was through my website btw), I’ll explain WHY these were the BEST quality subscribers I could get. We’ll come to the ‘first subscribers’ later.

This is important… All subscribers are NOT created equal.

After 11 years running an online internet business I can tell you that the number of subscribers you have is nowhere as important as the QUALITY of the subscribers that you have.

Yes, it’s true that you can participate in “ad swaps” and buy “solo ads” etc etc, but 9 times out of 10 you’re going to have to “entice” these people with some kind of free gift or offer to subscribe to your list. Guess what… that’s probably the ONLY reason they subscribed. More often than not they really don’t care about you or what else you might have to offer. And if you’ve lured them in with free offers, you’re going to have to work VERY hard to convert them over to accepting paid offers.

But if you just want NUMBERS to feel good about yourself – knock yourself out and go get ’em 🙂

The BEST subscribers I’ve ever received are those who after reading the CONTENT on my website at have said, “Yeah, I”d like more of that. This guy is on the level.” These are people who VOLUNTEER to opt-in to reading my marketing materials. I didn’t have to entice them. I didn’t have to bribe them. I didn’t have to *try* at all. All I did was publish good quality material that they and others like them wanted.

Then afterwards I *still* gave them free gifts, I just didn’t use that as a bribe.

So if you want to build a list of HIGH QUALITY RESPONSIVE subscribers I suggest that you move away from the promote promote promote mindset and move away from the freebie freebie freebie offers and start generating quality content that people want to know about.

Write about their PROBLEMS and how they can solve them… just like I’ve done in this brief post. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be more than that.


Paul Barrs