Internet Business: It’s Not as Hard as You Think!

Internet Business: It’s Not as Hard as You Think!

Why do so many business owners struggle to hit the mark online? Here’s a simple formula that can help you get on track.

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Hi there! My name is Paul Barrs from Thank you for taking time to stop by and watch this video. Now we’re talking internet business, all things internet business, and yes it’s a big topic, there’s a lot and I’m gonna break it down for you today just into a very simple formula that you can use and apply in your own business to get better results. The good news is it’s not what? It’s not difficult as you think and that’s the truth of the matter.

Now, I’d like to be able to take full credit for what I’m giving you today but I can’t. I came across this strategy by, through a good friend of mine some time back Marlon Sanders

TLO. It’s a simple formula about targeting the right kind of people, building a list and then making the right offer to that list and that’s in it’s simplest, the best and easiest way to build the online side of your business.

TLO – Targeting, Lists and Offers.

Let’s break that down into something a little easier, more usable for today’s small business owner.

So number one, here’s what I want you to imagine you need to have obviously a website page with a product or service. Yeah? Good. That’s the product, that’s where the offer is. Its information about what you’re doing, who you do it for. It tells them the benefits, it lets them know this is good for you and here’s why, here’s the investment, here’s the return, “Oh boy, this is good news!” That’s sales copy, excuse me, a topic for another day. But you need that number one information sales page about your product or service.

Number two, you need to then target your audience. Someone said, “Hey, I want, can you help me get, you know, a thousand visitors a week, a month, whatever it was to my website?” I said, ‘Sure! But why would you want that? That’s easy! How about we get you a, maybe a hundred potential buying customers or 50 actual customers.” That’s a little bit more difficult.

The traffic to a website – that’s easy! Too easy to do. You can just pay for that, people will be clicking links and they’re on their way. You need to target your audience to get the right people.

So, why do we do that? Here’s I believe the easiest way to actually do it is to use a current list. When these people already got connection with you – yes. Well use your current list. If you don’t yet have a list you need to build a list. At some point like I had in previous video you need to have a list. You need to have an email database. Very, very important. And simply to them you present your offer. So, it’s really quite easy. Target the right people, build a list and make an offer.

So you have your product or service on a page and then you manage, build and grow your list, you present that offer to them at the right time obviously in the right place.

So, there’s the question, how do we build that list? Because that’s really what it all comes down to. You might have heard this phrase before, “The money is in the list.” Well, yes I know. I’d like to say the money is in what you do with the list, but without the list, not much money. And this is a simple formula, easy to do, easy also not to do. So I need to try and make this as simple possible.

Number one: A newsletter. Every, every single business, every small business absolutely and the big ones, if you as a small business owner I hope, you should have a list, an email list and that should be segmented into different types of lists. So your newsletter is your number one strongest business asset when it comes to building and growing a business further. Unless of course your customer list and you have repeat sales on a regular basis. That’s another list as well but there you go there’s another one as well. For some businesses those ongoing repeat sales are years between. But you need that.

Maybe even build a list with a good free offer, “Hey! Come here and subscribe and you get to download this or read this or watch this or get a phone call or get a free consult or get something.” And you build a list with “We’re interested but not quite solved” but there’s a conversion point somewhere. But you’re still building a list of potential customers. Because if they’re not even remotely interested in the free offer, guess what? They are so not interested in your paid products or services. So, that’s important.

You should also have a place where people can subscribe to the homepage of your website. Hmm, yeah! That’s a good one. Right there on the homepage and you can test as to where is the best place to put it. I was doing a training video for a client just a little earlier today using a tracking plugin where we could track the number of clicks here versus here. Now they both went to the same place but we found that this one, hmmm, only about 25% of this one therefore good for us to know better place, better positioning for better results. But you do need to have something on your homepage to build that list.

I also recommend that you have some kind of pop up for subscription as well. A timed pop up, not one that you go, “Hi let me go and visit that website.” “HELLO! HELLO!” no, no, no, no, no! Not at all. “Let me visit this website, uh-hum, yep I’m reading that. Ahh that’s interesting. Oh, I see! Oh, here’s a nice gentle offer…” so on from there. Okay? A timed pop up. Let them hang around for a little bit first, forty seconds maybe, test different points of interest and see what the highest subscription rate is. Just to join the newsletter or to download something. You need to build a list to make this formula work.

So they are some of the easiest ways that you can do that. Now we need to get traffic to that list, aren’t we? Because chances are you haven’t already got sufficient regular traffic qualified to your website. If you have you wouldn’t be watching this looking for more ideas and it’s okay. I understand. It’s why I take the time to record these videos.

So, where do we get people from? We’ve got these things in place to try and capture the names, the email addresses. One of the best ways is obviously through Facebook and remarketing. That’s of course if your clients are using Facebook or maybe it’s AdWords. Remarketing, retargeting, whatever you wanna call it.

They’ve been to your website once, what if they didn’t subscribe to your list? They should see an ad on one of those social Ad platforms or another website if someone’s part of the Google Ad network asking them to come back and subscribe and they see that within a day or two, good chance of converting them and bring them back and get them on to your list. That is so important and if you set it up right you only pay if you actually click the ad, cost per click. Not just for signing it. Now that’s a good thing for you. Okay?

You can also do it joint ventures, mailings between yourself and others. I did one for a client recently because his product, his service are running a webinar very, very good information for my customers. So I sent out a mailing, “Thought you should jump on this webinar!” And had a great percentage pop by and a “Yes! Absolutely.” And some of them became clients of his. Good for him, but good for me because I made the recommendation. That’s what it’s all about and I get other people to do the same thing for me. Very, very important. So look at things like doing that as well.

And I guess lastly, maybe you got a shop front, maybe you have a store where people can come in. Do you have a tablet? Do you know you can get an app for that tablet where, say you meet somebody, “Good day! How are you? May I help you with something today?” One of the worst questions in the world but – ‘May I help you?” “No!” or “Yes!” Whatever it may have been. Maybe sale doesn’t take place but you will then say, “By the way, are you subscribed to our newsletter or our email update list on incoming, on new incoming products?” Whatever it is. “Well, no I’m not.” “Here, would you like to? You can do it today.”

What you do, seriously, what you do is you actually hand him the tablet. It’s very rare that they’ll go, “Oh! No, no, no, no don’t give that shit to me.” They’re gonna say, “Oh, okay!” Maybe they will go, “No thanks.” And that’s okay. You didn’t get what you didn’t have already. Nothing lost, nothing gained. But the greater percentage will go when you say, “Oh are you subscribed to our, you’re receiving our newsletter list?” “No, I’m not.” “Would you like to? Here. Just pop your name and email address in there.”

For tablet they fill out, they press send, and they’re done straight away. How easy, how beautiful and are they qualified? They’ve taken the time to walk in to your store, are they qualified? Absolutely. Powerful list. You could have just a separate list – Store. People who came into the shop. So you need to target the right people, you need to build and work that list and then you make them offers. That is the internet business success formula.

That’s it. That’s as difficult as it gets. I know you could implement some part if not all of that into your business.

And of course, if you are here in Australia look us up. Let me help. I’d love to help get you going on that journey. Even if we just set those foundations up and then train you how to manage things from there. You can contact me through my website at And even take a look at, at the blog while you’re there. I have about 500 help articles, hints, tips and videos to help you grow and learn more in your online business.

Thanks again for watching. I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye.