Small Business Basics – Exploding the Myth

Small Business Basics – Exploding the Myth

“The Small Business Myth.”

By Paul Barrs.

There’s a Small Business myth going around about how “easy” it is to make money using the internet, have you heard it?

It comes in various shapes and forms, and involved usually one “thing” or another – most often the one that whoever is writing about it has just recently used.

The problem with this myth is that it’s both simultaneously truth and lie. It’s both impossible and possible at the same time. I call it a myth because even though it’s real, when the facts boil down to it, it doesn’t really exist at all.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about our ability (both yours and mine) to duplicate what another person has done. Both in terms of action AND results.

There’s a good question there. How is it possible that two people can do the very exact same thing yet get two completely different results. How can it be? I mean, we all KNOW that it happens. How often have you, or someone that you know gone and looked at / purchased the latest Small Business “Guru Guide”, read the thing from cover to cover, watched every video, listened to every audio – and then gone and DONE EXACTLY what they told you to do and…. puff (!) – gotten little or no result.

Has that ever happened to you? I know that when I was starting out it happened to me many times; in fact it *still* happens from time to time.

But why?

work-people-groupSimply this – even though you go and DO everything that they’ve told you to do, even though you go and LEARN everything that they’ve told you to learn… there is one KEY thing that (no matter how hard you try) you cannot get and you’ll never have –

You’ll never have their LIFE. Their experience. Their… ‘story’.

You CANNOT do what they ask you to do and get THE SAME results because you are *not* the same person. You’ve lived a different life. You have a different mind. You have a different energy… a different ‘power’.

To put things internally – your *power* produces different results because it’s been developed over a different path. It always has and it always will.

“Always will?” Really?

No. Here is where we separate the truth from the lie.

You CAN change the way you think. You CAN realign the way your mind processes things. You CAN increase your ‘power’ so that it produces more dynamic results. You CAN make changes that will bring about performance like you’ve never imagined (yes, even more than you DO imagine).

Here’s one of the keys to successful learning – you must be able to grasp the idea in less than 5 minute! You’l know pretty soon if you can “make this thing work for you”, right?

And that’s why each week I post to my Blog (this website), so that you can both read and digest in the content in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. My goal is to help you realise *more* of your own unique ability to grow and create dynamic change in your life.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about airy fairy bullshit here… I’m talking about hard core, straight down the line Solid – Business – Truth. In a sense, I’m going to show you how to “shift focus” and step things up a gear.

That’s “my goal” for “my customers” and Blog readers… what’s yours?

When people come to your website, you want to make sure it’s been worth the journey!