A Personal Post… this needs to be shared.

A Personal Post… this needs to be shared.

Depression Destroys Lives.

Today I heard that an associate here in QLD took his life following a long, unsuccessful battle against depression. Folks, let me make this clear – Depression is a real thing. It’s not just ‘being sad’. It’s a long and deep darkness that despite your best efforts cannot be climbed out of.

  • It’s summer mornings that still feel like dark winter nights.
  • It’s being with friends and family but feeling like you’re invisible.
  • It’s the thought that getting up in the morning is too difficult because you might have to do something.
  • It’s a fear of answering the door or phone because you might have to talk to someone.
  • It’s an inexplicable emptiness inside, even though outside everything seems abundant.
  • It’s the isolation of others who tell you to ‘snap out of it’.

It’s a life that spirals down, and unless treated, ends abruptly. It’s like a cancer.

I don’t know if it can be ‘cured’ but I *know* that it can be managed. I am always mindful to manage my life so that I do not fall back into the pit. Yes, I have suffered from depression. I have walked that road.

For those of you who think it’s mind over matter… do you want to try and tell me that I lack the fortitude to make progressive positive change in my life? Ha! You’ve got no clue! Depression eats away at your will to live, your need for hope, you desire for air. Depression destroys.

Please, if you know someone who who may be suffering from depression, seek help. Don’t expect them to do it – they don’t want it. They think they are alone in this world. You need to let them know that they are not.

Please share.

– Paul.

PS. You can learn more about depression at BeyondBlue.com.au