Why I just deleted 500 Twitter Followers

Why I just deleted 500 Twitter Followers

While most people strive for social media success and measure that success by growing numbers, I’ve just taken a big step in the opposite direction…. What do *you* think? Read on and let me know –
I don’t know, maybe it’s an EGO thing – we like it when we have big numbers next to our names –

And as far as Twitter Marketing goes (which I admit I don’t do much {any??} of), the numbers don’t impress me when Guru Guy A has 44,598 followers… but also is “following” 44,412 people.

That tells me that only 186 people ever clicked “like” – the others were probably added with auto-add and followed with auto-follow.

Thus when you ‘unfollow them’, you also get auto-unfollowed.

What a terrible way to treat potential customers!!

It kinda goes back to the schoolyard – you show me yours and I’ll show you mine; but if you tell anyone, I won’t be your friend anymore.

I’m more impressed when Guru Gal B who has 3,184 followers but is only following 27 people – illustrating that she only follows those whom she wants to (doesn’t do the sheep thing) and the other 3,157 people actually like her and followed her by choice!

Here’s my logic –

You want to build your numbers so you find some potential customers and you ‘follow’ them, OK, that makes sense – but if they’re not as tech savvy as you they don’t have an auto-follow set up…

… you tell them to BOOT OFF! (unfollow)


That’s no way to treat potential customers –

As for the people I just deleted from my Twitter account… they never knew they were following me in the first place. I’d rather quality that quantity any day –

Paul Barrs

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