Tooth Decay, Article Marketing and Internet Business

Tooth Decay, Article Marketing and Internet Business

OK, yesterday I had two teeth pulled by my dentist! Ugh. Why I call him ‘my’ dentist I’ve got no idea, but believe it or not, as I sat in the chair and then throughout the rest of the day I couldn’t get my mind away from the simple truth that this was a problem I could have avoided, but I didn’t.
What’s that got to do with Internet Business…?

Each day and each week we put into place many things to help us grow our businesses and increase our income. If you’re anything like me (at least as I used to be), I would jump from project to project, job to job and technique to technique all moving towards my goals.

Problem was though, that I rarely gave each opportunity the fullness of attention that it deserved (and certainly needed to get the fullest results).

Here’s an example: Over the course of my first few years online I published about two dozen articles and submitted them to various article directories, eZine publishers and so on. Because writing article is a time heavy task I moved my time to doing online audio. Now, I’ve got to admit that those articles are still floating around and are easy to find if you’re *looking* for them… but why would you, they’re now 10 years old.

The thing is, article marketing is still one of the best traffic strategies available. But my article writing “plans” had decayed to the point of complete neglect. And the results were nil. That strategy needed to be pulled.

Looking around today I see that most newbie’s online are doing what I used to do… looking for an easier, faster way. These days it’s called PLR, Private Label Rights. They *know* that article publishing is a fantastic source for bringing traffic to your website, but rather than write themselves, they buy the rights to use other people’s articles and pop their details on them.

Nice. Or is it? Well… it *can* be, if used wisely. If, with each and every article that you purchase you then go and spend the time to add in your *own* comments and content (and make it different than it was) you’ve got a good chance of making it at least 30 – 40% unique. Unique that is from the HUNDREDS of other (or thousands) of other people that have also purchased the same articles.

Some call it ‘finding the easier way’. I call it being lazy. It’s called letting decay into your business before it even begins! That strategy, like my teeth, needs to be pulled!

My teeth fell into decay because I didn’t look after them. My teeth fell into decay because I DIDN’T do the right thing with them even when I knew I could have / should have. So it is with our business.

I’m not just talking about article marketing either, that’s just ONE example. Think about it…. how many other areas in your internet business have you tried to take shortcuts in? Search engine work (creating quick automatic pages etc.)? Product creation (ONLY dealing with resale rights, never new material)? Web 2.0 promotion (where you ONLY work in social bookmarking because some ‘dude’ told you too)? And so on, and so on, and so on.

One word for you – DECAY!

Here’s the truth: if you want to be in business for the long term then you have to also BE a business. No business can stay afloat if it’s best strategy is to only reply on others.

If you’re just after a quick buck, fine, you keep going ahead and keep taking shortcuts, but as the decay sets in, your income will “set out” until that tooth is pulled.

If you want to build a long-term sustainable income, then set things up correctly. Yes, it DOES take a little more time, it does take a little more effort, but the results are well worth it!

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