Building an Authority Site

Building an Authority Site

Just a quick one for you today. This is a re-post from an online forum in response to whether or not we should go the “Authority Site” road in website marking or go the”easy “content generation”, link building, and accelerated ranking (temporarily) through the myriad WordPress hacks, tricks and “tools” being touted and promoted everywhere?”

My response suggested that the article should be posted for all to read here.


Authority Site Building.

You’ll probably notice that many of the true authority sites are those that have been around for a reasonable time.

I don’t take much notice of the Search Engine Gods in this regard, I take notice of the customers.

It is a poor site indeed who gets most of it’s traffic via searches in search engines. Why? Because any site that is worth it’s weight (an “Authority Site” for example) will be able to pull back a first time visitor and make them a loyal reader. Simply put, if a website is still generating most of it’s traffic from search engines after 6 months online, then it’s content should be put squarely under examination – because it’s most likely crap!

And remember, we’re talking about “authority sites” here, not sales pages.

So, can this be done with good old fashioned HTML? Yes. But it can be more easily done with blog format and ongoing fresh (NEW AND ORIGINAL) content. ‘Of course’ you can do this with HTML or any format for that matter, but the blog scheduling and drip feed systems make it so much easier.

Why then so much hysteria about quick-fix, build ‘em, plug n play etc etc ad nauseum?

Because the majority of people are lazy and want the quick fix solution. Hey, it can make some money, so why bother going the long haul and REALLY becoming an authority in your area??

Why? Because that will build you a business for LIFE; and each month will compound on to the other. However, it takes time.

It’s easy to do. But it’s easier “not to do”.

– Paul Barrs