45 Day Impact Marketing

45 Day Impact Marketing

Tell me, if you had 45 days to make an impact with your marketing, what would you do?

A little while ago I found myself considering this decision, and so me being me, did what I’ve always done; got out my pen and paper, sat down in my favorite easy chair and started making notes.

37 bullet points later I realised that I was wrong!

Totally wrong in the way I was going about doing it. It’s not so much that the things I had written were wrong, but that as I wrote them the list just all of a sudden became overwhelming… HUGE is perhaps a better word.

Because “article marketing” was one thing; but then broken down ‘article marketing’ also became ‘seek out long-tail keywords’, research ‘Yahoo Answers’, scan the forums for latest ‘hot topics’… craft carefully tailored article titles… and I hadn’t even written a thing!

You know, it’s *good* to know a lot about marketing, but it’s a pain in the butt as well. I guess I’ve always known it, but never wanted to admit it to myself… I think too much about what I’m doing.

O.M.G. Do you know what I mean?

So it got me thinking (LOL) – yeah I know 🙂

Anyway, it got me thinking about “how can I simplify things”… and still make an impact with my marketing.

So I wrote out a ‘monthly’ to-do list, then a “weekly”, but they were still too much. The truth of the matter was I simply had / have too many *things* on my plate to be able to balance them all, get them done, AND make an impact.

Then it hit me…

What if I were to do *JUST ONE* of those things on my list and do it solidly for 45 days with such intensity that it had no choice but to make an impact?!

Here are some of the things that were on my list, the ‘global’ ideas; article marketing, video marketing, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, free reports, forum marketing, JV partnerships, WSO post, ad-swaps…. and the list went on.

Now sure, when launching a new site or a new product we should, if at all feasibly possible, do each of these things – but sometimes it’s just *not* possible.

So I went back to my list, and asked myself, “What am *I* best at?” Easy answer: Product Creation.

The next question; “Which of these things involve some kind of product creation?”

  • Article marketing.
  • Video marketing.
  • Free reports.
  • Paid Reports (WSO’s).
  • Blog posting.
  • JV content promotion.
  • App development.
  • Offline publishing.

So looking at my new list I then narrowed down the original 37 to just 8. 8 different things that I could focus my own efforts on, and, if focused with enough intent for 45 days EACH… that would give me 1 year of highly targeted high impact marketing for my new website; bringing with it bucket-loads of fresh targeted traffic each and every week, growing by the day.

Plus, if I were to focus it even more and make “brandible” versions of these “products” and release them through my affiliates, I can double, triple, quadruple and more my efforts with just a few clicks of the button!

O.M.G. You know what I mean don’t you?!

Think about it… how many articles could you write in 45 days if you *really* put your head into it? Would 3 a day be possible? That would give you 135 highly focused articles which you could either release all at once or schedule for release over the space of the year. What if you were able to write 5?

Mind you, you wouldn’t be clicking the links to publish them – you just write – outsource the repetitive mundane work.

Next, those articles could also be the foundation for a dozen 10 – 15 page “special Reports” or a couple of dozen short video promotions; thus your work for the “second” block of 45 days impact marketing is already half done.

And so on and so on and so on.

Each article, each video, each report – whatever – links directly back to your website / product / offer which also has an affiliate program and a dynamically enticing opt-in offer….

I wonder, how much *could* you do in 45 days if you REALLY put your mind to it….

– Paul Barrs