Video Blogging for Small Business

Video Blogging for Small Business

There are many ways to Blog. Most of us get it and write articles; but while articles are great, there’s really only “so much” that can be said in the written word. Enter… Video Blogs, or Vlogs as they’re now called.

A good Vlog covers everything that a written Blog covers in terms of topic; but it has one advantage… emotion!

Yes, even tough you *can* write emotion into your posts and onto your pages, most of us don’t. It’s much easier to express emotion though when talking – that is, once you get past talking to the camera!

Hey, love ‘em or hate ‘em, Vlogs are here to stay. And honestly, if you do them well, you can generate a bucket load of traffic to your website.

Enjoy the following infograpghic. Once done, stop by my Youtube Channel – it’s not strictly a Vlog, but it’s got a ton of great content on it anyway.


Author Hal MacDermot