10 Reasons Why you should Only Sell High Quality Products

10 Reasons Why you should Only Sell High Quality Products

By Paul Barrs.

Even though the title seems plainly obvious, there is without doubt a HUGE plethora of useless, money wasting “rip off your customer” products and services available across the Internet today. It all comes down to one simple reason – in general terms, the set up cost and development of an Internet Business and product is far less than in the offline world. Offline operators, who simply can’t afford to have their customers walk away from them, are far less likely to make stupid mistakes when caring for their clientele. However, no matter what type of business you run, following are the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t sell crappy products.

10. Satisfaction. This is a personal favorite. There is great satisfaction upon completing a product, looking back over it and saying to yourself “Wow, Fine Job!” Too often when we work on the employee role, we are left wanting for more job satisfaction. When you create your own products (or recommend someone else’s), you are the boss, and you are in total control of how you feel about the work and effort you have put into it.

9. Future Partnerships. Once your product gets known among the wider community, heads will turn and people will stand and take notice of you. You should always be careful of how you conduct yourself and present yourself through your products. Just last year I saw one young man with great potential, destroy any future he had by first delivering a great product, but then abusing those few customers who experienced problems. Always be aware of the future.

8. Affiliate Promotions. During the past week, over 200 new affiliates have joined the Paul Barrs International affiliate program. This month, one affiliate will earn over $3000 in commissions – this simply would not be possible unless the products were awesome.

7. Resale Opportunities. If your product represent high quality, you‘ve got a wonderful opportunity to value add and offer resale or reprint rights to others. Why is this so great? Simply because you can offer such a license at 10, 20, even 50 times the retails cost of the product, putting good money back in your pocket. At the same time you get your product out to people who may have never heard of you otherwise, opening the opportunities to future sales.

6. Returns. Even though we hate it, product returns are a fact of business that we must accept. On average, you’ll see a 8 – 12% return rate on electronic products. Keep the quality so high that people can’t help but love your product, and that will drop down to under 5%. More money in your pocket.

5. R.O.I. Your return on investment is firstly determined by the number of sales that you make. After that, you take away and production costs, advertising and returns. All of these are influenced by the quality you offer. Be smart about it.

4. Joint Ventures. Set aside from affiliate opportunities, JV opportunities are those affiliate promotions with the “Super Affiliates”. You know the guys and girls I mean… the one’s with the HUGE lists. When you offer an unbelievable high quality product and give these people a chance to review it, just one of them can increase your sales tenfold.

3. Back-end Sales. Do you like your customers? Who is it easier to sell to, a new customer or a repeat customer? Duh. Think about it. They buy from you once, love it, and then come back to buy time and time again. That’s sound business strategy.

2. Profit. Alright, you were probably waiting for this one, but it’s not number one. While some people say they don’t get into business for the money, we all have to admit that we certainly didn’t get into business to lose money right? Profit is what it’s all about. Be sure to always maintain a high quality opportunity and the profits will always follow.

1. Reputation. Finally, the number one reason why you should always sell a high quality product is for reputation. Even though you may say, “But Paul, I don’t really care what other people think of me.” I’d reply to you, “You should”. The intrinsic value and reward of doing an exceptional job is by far the most satisfying reward life can offer. Remember – you have to live with yourself and your thoughts for the rest of your life. The best advice I can give you is to do what you do well, and be happy with your own personal reputation. Let the others in your life follow by example.