Done for You (Full Service)

With the constant evolution of the internet and search engines, it's become almost impossible for business owners to keep their online properties compliant and up to date.

Our "Done for You" (worry free) service takes the hassle out of managing your online business. Do you have the time to manage your SEO updates? How about Social Media or Inbound Content Marketing? Maybe there are changes to the Google Algorithm which require website updates...?

Our job is simple, to get you more leads or more sales, through online mediums. Everything is Done for You, taking the stress away and freeing up hours every week to let you do what you do best!

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Done Together Services

This very practical service gives you the best of both worlds saving you time and money!

Working together as your business grows, you get the help of a 15-year Internet Business Professional. Paul will guide you with monthly mentoring sessions as well as hands on practical help: working with his team to get things done! We help you to connect with your customers online; to build a tribe of followers - generating more sales, more leads and more business.

How does it work? It's simple... we do some, you do some. Need help with your website? Maybe with your SEO? How about Social Media? No problem; we do the technical, we help you with the rest!

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

Since July 2000 Paul has helped train nearly half a million business owners globally through his videos, audios, ebooks, seminars, and workshops.

If you're in a position where you're seeking to learn more about Internet Business and start getting the results you want... then Paul's training is for you!

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The Beginners Guide to Local SEO

Local SEO refers to when people search online (especially using mobile devices) for local businesses. Discover how this can affect your business.

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The Beginners Guide to Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO… it’s like a myth, the Holy Grail, that line in the sand that separates those who want it and those who have it. Have what? Rankings!!

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The Beginners Guide to On Page SEO

Learning search engine optimisation doesn’t have to be confusing; this beginners guide to SEO will get you started. This involves everything that you do in your pages.

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"You only need TWO THINGS to be successful in life
A GREAT IDEA... and Someone to Help You Realise it!