You run a small business, you've probably got your website up (if not, you know you need one), and you know its time to improve things - you want BETTER RESULTS!


  • Let me HELP YOU design a complete online strategy.
  • Update your website to meet all your client and technology needs.
  • Create a custom SEO package, with analysis and reporting
  • Integrate your Social Media marketing for optimal results
  • Help you SELL YOUR PRODUCT or get more leads & customers online!
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Need a speaker for your business breakfast, corporate lunch or industry event? With over 35 years ‘on-stage’ experience I deliver nothing but 100% RESULTS!


  • Learn how to target your online audience.
  • Discover how to turn those boring numbers into practical profit.
  • Get the Social Media strategies that get you on track!
  • Find out how to structure your SEO to attract BUYERS, not browsers.
  • Get answers to your problems - FAST... and get RESULTS!
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Since July 2000 Paul has helped train nearly half a million business owners globally through his videos, audios, ebooks, seminars, and workshops.

If you're in a position where you're seeking to learn more about Internet Business and start getting the results you want... then Paul's training is for you!

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Learn Search Engine Optimisation (free training guides)


The Beginners Guide to Local SEO

Local SEO refers to when people search online (especially using mobile devices) for local businesses. Discover how this can affect your business.

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The Beginners Guide to Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO… it’s like a myth, the Holy Grail, that line in the sand that separates those who want it and those who have it. Have what? Rankings!!

Off Page SEO – read more


The Beginners Guide to On Page SEO

Learning search engine optimisation doesn’t have to be confusing; this beginners guide to SEO will get you started. This involves everything that you do in your pages.

On Page SEO – read more


"You only need TWO THINGS to be successful in life
A GREAT IDEA... and Someone to Help You Realise it!